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Elder Scrolls VI speculation

Level 15


It was confirmed yesterday that the next Elder Scrolls Game (VI) will in fact be an XBox exclusive.  This isn't too surprising considering that Microsoft closed its acquisition of ZeniMax (the parent company to Bethesda) recently.


As a side note, things seem to have come full circle with ZeniMax considering their case against Facebook a few years ago, yet now they are owned by Microsoft who has been a partner to Facebook for many years.


With Microsoft now the parent company to Bethesda, and Elder Scrolls VI being confirmed as an XBox exclusive... it seems that one can reasonably speculate that this title will also come to PC. And if it does come to PC... could we see the next official Elder Scrolls title having native VR support at launch?


I sent a tweet to Jeff Grubb asking if VR support is being considered. Hopefully some rumors/leaks will happen sooner rather than later. 😁