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Level 3
i noticed my games take quite some time to load. When I first got the games they loaded quicker. About 1-2 minutes quicker. Robo Recall takes roughly 5 minutes to load. Echo Arena takes about 7 minutes. Lucky's Tale takes 3 minutes. They are on my 1TB HDD D-Drive. My C-Drive is only 250SSD but I have 60GB left on it and 260GB left on my D Drive. Anyone else have having this problem? Is there a way to speed up the loading?
PC Specs: GTX 1060
8-Core professor (it is a old and has been used a lot and stressed to its limits)
I think those specs are the ones that might have to do with it running slow including my hard drives


Level 16
Regarding load times I would say the spin drive is the biggest culprit. They would load from SSD much faster in comparison.
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Level 5
Even on a slower drive you should keep at least 20-30% of the drive unused. That may help loading times a bit. But if your rocking a 5400rpm drive for VR you really really need to upgrade. I currently have a 7200rpm hybrid ssd 1tb drive and it runs VR good but not perfect. My loading in robo recall is about 10 seconds i guess. You could find a 1tb hybrid drive for like 60 bucks. But if i was you id use ssd.

Level 3
A 1TB hybrid drive. I'll look into that. Thanks for the help! Much appreciated