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Facebook loses 120 Billion overnight, will this effect the Rift?

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Will the 120 Billion dollar loss in stock on facebook effect the rift in any way?  What do you think?

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Stockholders won't be happy with the CEO that is for sure, could this be the end of Zuckerberg, maybe.

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Been a lot of talk about unhappiness from the share holders especially after the legal trail and the revelation of the additional billion invested in OVR. But MarkZ is Teflon at the moment so I would not be surprised if he weathers this storm. Regarding any fall back for OVR.... yeah I think there will be a greater impetus to tighten all the ships, and possibly secure better control - makes me think more on that suggestion of Facebook VR re-branding. Though OC5 will be a interesting stage opportunity for MarkZ! "The Out-of-Home Immersive Entertainment Frontier: Expanding Interactive Boundaries in Leisure Facilities"

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From what I can make out the share price fell directly after Facebook announced lower than expected user growth so that's probably the reason rather than previous issues about security or legal fights as those issue must have already had their effect on shares.

It seems share price has fallen to the level they were at in May so if you're of the opinion that share price effects VR investment then those concerns would have applied back then unless I'm being too simplistic.

If anything the need for Facebook to invest in new ways to socialise is more important then ever, if the problem is that they're getting to the point where most people who want to use Facebook are already using it.

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No. The daily fluctuations of stock price will not have an effect on the rift.

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The price of a company's stock has zero relation to the profitability or actual value of the company. It's all just monopoly money that's bought/sold on speculation. Most of that speculation is not rational. The only time the stock price has any impact on a company is when they need to raise money by printing more shares and selling them. I don't expect this particular drop to have any impact either short term or long term.

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Yeah I got a little concerned after hearing this,  if that was going to affect say a CV2 going forward, sure hoping not. I am pretty sure OVR knows they have a "golden goose" with their VR ventures. They need to grab it and hold on through both the ups and downs.
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It isn't going to affect bugger all.
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Zuckerberg also owns instagram, which is now worth more than 100 billion dollars.

Dropping pocket change in the couch usually doesn't make someone go belly up, na' mean?

I mean look at HTC, they are still doing fine even though they have been "negative" revenue for years. Even with this market share loss, Facebook is still making positive revenue.

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falken76 said:

Will the 120 Billion dollar loss in stock on facebook effect the rift in any way?  What do you think?

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