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Facebook’s Head of Oculus and VR Partnerships Is Leaving the Company

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In the news, Hugo Barra is leaving Facebook/Oculus after 4 years. Seems this is a natural move as Barra is ready to move to apply his newfound knowledge and experience to a new industry. His departure comes with positive sentiment from both him and Zuckerberg. I do like how we got a hint of the new VR/AR Glasses Facebook plans to release!


Hugo Barra, VP of Facebook Reality Labs partnerships — who had once overseen the social giant’s Oculus, VR and augmented reality development teams — is exiting his post, leaving the company after four years.


Zuckerberg, in a comment replying to Barra’s post, said, “Thanks for everything you’ve done to help build the next computing platform and the whole ecosystem around it. I’ve learned so much working with you, and I’m excited to see what you build next.”


In his farewell Facebook post, Barra called out “what we accomplished together” with Oculus Go, Oculus Quest and Quest 2. Barra added that “I’m equally excited about what’s yet to come, starting this year with the launch of Facebook’s smart glasses in partnership with Ray-Ban, which will begin connecting the dots from today’s VR headsets to tomorrow’s AR glasses.”


Recently, Facebook Reality Labs researchers released a first look at its latest prototype: a wrist-based controller that uses a combination of artificial intelligence and input from a wearer’s nervous system to interact with VR and AR environments.



Level 15

Everyone looks like the cool kids with Ray-Ban's, lol!

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@TomCgcmfc wrote:

Everyone looks like the cool kids with Ray-Ban's, lol!

Not sure I'm ready to wear any of that in public though! lol