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Feature Request: Toggle for 'always-on' floor bounds w/ Guardian

Level 3

That is unless it's already possible to do, and I just missed it!

What I'm wanting is the option to have the guardian boundaries always visible on the floor, that way I always have a visual frame of reference as to where I am in my physical room, allowing me to around my playspace with more confidence.

This would be especially handy in games like Dead and Buried, Rec Room paintball, and anything else where lateral movement is encouraged, because I'll know before I move if I have enough physical clearance to do so without having to wait for the guardian walls to possibly kick in. I know the nose gap is still a thing, but it's not always a good option in the heat of battle, and it takes you out of the experience.

A toggle like this exists with SteamVR's chaperone already, but I don't want to have SteamVR always running if I can help it.


Level 5
 I would feel much  more confident if I could always see where I am in my play space.

Level 5
pretty sure its there in the universal menu under guardian settings.

Level 7
There is a setting that talks about that, though it doesn't do what you would expect. I thought at first it would allow you to remove the wall yet keep the floor outline. Yet that didn't seem to be the case.

Then I thought maybe it was a toggle on /off so it's permanently overlay into whatever you are doing, yet that did not work either.

So...ya this was brought up before Palidore, as well as other Guardian requests. I wish there was a feedback sub forum...these forums are a mess.

Level 3
Indeed, the settings in the Oculus start menu only turn Guardian on/off completely, there's nothing that toggles boundaries permanently.

And yeah, an admittedly brief search only brought up a similar request from a week ago that got one reply, but I think this feature is fairly important for roomscale games and deserves a little more attention.

Level 2
Ping! Do this, please Oculus (or someone write a mod?) 

Level 4
Yeah... This is the feature that I think VR REQUIRES!

The guardian system doesn't work so well with a games that requires you to swing hands and move, because it gets triggered only at so close proximity. So while your hand is already going toward guardian, it will reveal itself easily after your hand has gone past it. 

Then sometimes you are afraid to move because you don't know are you center of the area of not. 

I don't care if it does "kill immersion" by seeing the square ground area that I have mapped (the square one that Oculus system maps as the gaming area, not my drawed "box") as some kind lined area or even a thin "knee height" border line. Just when I would know my area, I would be more free and relaxed to move around the area.

The real immersion killer now is that now and then I need to extend my arm slowly and try to find the distance when the guardian gets triggered and then I know where I can position myself. 

This even in the Robo Recall, even when it should have nice under feet circle and direction, but I don' thave time to look down and it feels "unrealistic". 

Level 2
I bumped into the wall with robo recall, I really need this lol.
Steamvr has it, I think this feature is mandotary