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Feel Three Motion Simulator update - launch incoming!

Level 3


Yes, it's been a while but we're nearly ready to launch.... you can still join the raffle/newsletter to win one at and share your code to get more entries, but you better get a move on!

The new base is ±50°, so 100° pitch/roll in total 🙂

Early bird is $2000, so get on the newsletter to find out when we're launching.


No video of it working until the Kickstarter.... we have to hold back the really cool stuff, but here is an animation 🙂

Level 15
Looks great but I'd have to move to a larger flat if I got one lol 😛 😄
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Level 15
Yes the size is now prohibitive to fit the "Western Household Percentile' (the general space suggested for furniture and Electrical items) [reason exercise equipment is always built to fold a certain way].

Still feel the developers will have to look towards OOH to achieve a strong business in the short term, with consumer takeup hoping to ramp off of the back of this. "The Out-of-Home Immersive Entertainment Frontier: Expanding Interactive Boundaries in Leisure Facilities"

Level 5
interested in the simracing side of it
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Level 15
Looks cool. Don't have the space in my current apartment, but good luck!
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Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

This looks great.

So I assume the problem of compensating for the Rift's/Vive's movement in relation to the sensors has been solved? Is it done with software? and does it add any latency? and am I right in assuming 3 sensors are enough for the range of movement the chair is delivering?

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Level 12
wow look at that for home use.

If you have for the room for sure, elite users, i can hear them drooling.
Look, man. I only need to know one thing: where they are. 

Level 4
The picture shows a vive headset and tracker. As DaftnDirect asked how are you planning to do motion cancellation on rift when the oculus api doesn’t expose sensor data at the driver level to allow you to manipulate it? 

Level 11
The target market should be arcades. 

Imagine if it were an enclosed sphere that allowed full rotation? Imagine playing a combat flight sim in a rig like that? 

Even now it would be really great for a flight sim but much better for a racing sim where you can simulate the G's. 

Reminds me of this from Ready Player One

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Level 15
@MowTin - Why just arcade? If you take a look at it it's not much bigger then an armchair in width. It's the height that makes it look big, so unless you have to duck down when walking around your room, then it should be fine if you are seated like the man in the demo. I'd still have 3ft above me to spare if that was in my VR room, and that's just guessing the guy is 6ft tall.

Well it would be good for arcades to make loads of money on just a $2000 setup like this, it's good that it is also offered to the consumer at such a low price..