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Fix for audio/sound stops working when voice app is running

Level 8
So i noticed a while back that whenever is used a voice control application such as VoiceAttack (awesome app) or TeamSpeak or my own Oculus Tray Tool, audio would often stop in the Rift. Did some looking on the forum but didn't find any posts about a solution so i thought i'd share what worked for me, which was to decrease the sampling rate of the Rift headphones. To do this

1) Right-click the Volume icons down in the system tray
2) Select "Playback devices"
3) Select "Headphones (Rift Audio)
4) Click "Properties"
5) Go to the "Advanced" tab
6) Change sampling rate to 44100hz

This might possible also resolve things like audio popping/crackling, but that needs more testing.
Hope this helps anyone.