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Flash Sale! What Should I Buy!?

Level 7
I haven't been able to use my Rift in a while and I'm excited with the new flash sale and Rift Core 2.0. Below are some games I'm thinking about buying. What would be your top 5? Are there any games/experiences that I missed that are must haves? Let me know!

  1. Super Hot
  2. ARKTIKA.1
  3. Skyworld
  4. Gunheart
  5. SportsBar VR
  6. Giant Cop: Justice Above All
  7. Archangel
  8. Drunkn Bar Fight
  9. Counter Fight

Level 4
I picked up Super Hot and Kingspray Graffiti. Debating on Artika.1 and Lone Echo..I want them but I might wait closer to Xmas. I didn't even know a sale was afoot! 

Level 9
Hadn't heard of Karnage Chronicles before, but looks interesting from a youtube review. Went ahead and grabbed it.

Edit: Would not recommend Karnage Chronicles. It isn't the worst VR game I've played, but the bad melee combat makes it both boring and frustrating.

Level 4
Hi there @BeastyBaiter ,
Dev on Karnage here, we're working to improve combat in early access, however we do have many players the love the combat. It can take a while to get used to the parry / block / attack system, and it's hard. We are planning other features that will push it forwards though. I'm interested to know which class you chose (if warrior, did you pick up your shield?) 

Thanks for your input! We're a 3 man team putting the game together, so things take time, but we're working hard! 
Nordic Trolls Art Director

Level 9
Well, if you are willing to take a look into the melee combat, that could make it far more enjoyable. A good melee combat game in VR is tough to beat from a pure fun standpoint. The trouble with the current system is it requires massively exaggerated swings to do any damage at all and blocking seems somewhat random for both players and NPC's. Not being able to shield bash is an issue too. Our hands are in game, so anything we hurl or swing at an enemy should have an effect. As it stands, it feels like a traditional mouse + keyboard button masher melee system. Fine for desktop, not so great in VR. Unfortunately, changing that part is very likely a massive amount of work. But if you can fix it, I'll happily recommend it. The graphics aren't amazing but certainly good enough for the art style, sound is way better than I expected and it seems like it has a lot of good ideas in it. It's just the combat that is the problem. Unfortunately that's the most important thing for a game like this one.

I will give a bow a try later tonight, that might be better as ranged combat seems easier to implement properly than melee.