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Flash Sale! What Should I Buy!?

Level 7
I haven't been able to use my Rift in a while and I'm excited with the new flash sale and Rift Core 2.0. Below are some games I'm thinking about buying. What would be your top 5? Are there any games/experiences that I missed that are must haves? Let me know!

  1. Super Hot
  2. ARKTIKA.1
  3. Skyworld
  4. Gunheart
  5. SportsBar VR
  6. Giant Cop: Justice Above All
  7. Archangel
  8. Drunkn Bar Fight
  9. Counter Fight

Level 13
Superhot is awesome.  I haven't played any of the others.

Level 11

I picked up from other stars because it was a good sale.

I hear great things about these two.

  1. Super Hot
  2. ARKTIKA.1

Level 4
Archangel is fun. Superhot is an ESSENTIAL!

Level 7
Ok, definitely getting Super Hot!

Level 13
You will not regret buying Super Hot!

Level 4
Nothing. The only one's that are decent I've already got. Rubbish sale.

Level 9
Give "Karnage Chronicles" and "Blasters of the Universe" a check ?

And since it's possible to refund Oculus Store games (in parameters/account/purchase history) : No reason not to try both 🙂

Level 4
Arktika 1 is awesome, that's my favourite game on the list. Superhot was good, but I found it frustrating and ugly. Maybe because I suck at games and had repeat sections over and over and over and over again. Then watched someone complete the entire game on youtube in like 8 minutes which made me feel inadequate.

Lone Echo is beautiful too. Feels like a true next gen title.
I'm kind of curious to buy Wings, as I don't have any flying games. Anyone played and enjoyed that?

Level 7
Super Hot and Artika.1! What else???