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Formal Complaint

Level 2

So im brand new to VR and my gf had been enjoying her Quest 2, so I went and got myself one on April 29th. And I'm extremely disappointed, the glasses spacer isn't large enough to not have my glasses **bleep** up the lenses (Had to buy a 3rd party XL one thats 6.5MM instead of 4mm), and the tracking with height in certain games is just terrible. I'm 6'2" and games like Pavlov are giving me issues with the torso by turning it 45⁰ away from where I'm facing, and just putting my hands where I dont have them (yes I've wiped down my outer lenses with microfiber). The quality in my opinion is not at all what they say it is, even when I plug it into my pc it still looks terrible to me. And just in general it feels like your at a disadvantage if your tall, cause tracking and I barely have any rooms in my house to play in without hitting my controllers. Idk what could be done but tracking and visuals are two big things for me.