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(Free Kickstarter Rift) = Thank You

Level 2
New Kickstarter Announcement + Video ... ts/1458224

Thank you Mr. Palmer and everyone at Oculus.

Your gift this morning was completely unexpected by me and was a true class act. When I found out about your Kickstarter so long ago I really couldn't afford it. However, my excitement for it and it's potential was so great that I scrimped and budgeted and managed to scrape the money together just in time to support your Kickstarter and help fund its purpose. I was fully prepared to lose that investment if for some sad reason things fell through, it was worth it to me to help make sure that your vision at least had a chance of coming true.

It was such a happy time for me when I actually received my DK1 and opened that awesome case. I then knew for certain that it was all going to come true. I have gotten far more than my monies worth from my DK1 and the entire experience. I have proselytized the Rift ever since in any way I could. I will cherish this new Kickstarter Editon of the CV1 just as much.

I guess what I'm saying is; Thank you for having the vision and fortitude to have made the Rift a reality and a success, and thank you for remembering your roots with your original supporters and sharing your success with them, with us, with me.

Because of your gift to me I will be able to gift a normal release CV1 to a younger extended family member and his child who are learning to program. His son will grow up with VR, not only using it, but creating it.

Again, and always,

Thank you.

* I have moved this post to this thread as Oculus deserves to have a positive thread about their Kickstarter Gift.

Level 3
Yes thank you for the extremely rare recognition of the fan base that was lucky enough to be with you from the beginning. It is a very neat time to be a part of the gaming and pc community.

Level 2
Definitely an awesome email to get first thing in the morning!!! :shock:

Level 3
Heh this is making me feel a bit sniffly, in a feel good way. I won't be getting a free one, but I remember getting my DK2 just as I went on holiday, and opened the box sitting in the car out in the beautiful Scottish hills. I was so, so excited to have it in my hands. Glad you chaps and chapesses get to feel that again but with that added sense of an amazing reward 🙂

If it werent for you kickstarter guys i never would have got my DK2 so... thankyou to you too!

Level 2
Thank you Oculus! It has been a great journey so far!