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From Rift S to Quest 2

Level 3

Hi. I am planning to buy the Quest 2. I already own a Rift S. Will the games on my Rift S be compatible on the Quest 2? I was told it depends on the developer choice. Also, am I doing the right thing, buying the Quest 2 and getting rid of my Rift S?


Any input is welcome 😀


Level 9

 I say yes get the Quest but also no to getting rid of the Rift-S. You will need to repurchase mobile Quest versions of some games that are not cross buy, but you will be able to play the ones you own from your PC with link or airlink just as if it were your Rift-S.


 I would say hold off on plans of getting rid of the Rift-S, having a backup is nice in case something goes wrong with an update, waiting to get a good charge on the Quest.... The Rift-S controllers are already a rare commodity because they quit making them last year. Being their last PCVR branded HMD, it would probably benefit to wait to sell it.    

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