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G-Force Music Visualizer

Level 2
I would like to know if there is any possibility of the G-Force music visualizer software being used with the Rift? This visualizer is the best I've seen and having this encompass your field of view in the Rift while your favourite beats are pumping through your headphones could be a truly transcendental experience. Is there software that could produce a pseudo 3D effect with the video output from G-Force? I understand that the developer would have to do a lot of work to produce a true 3D VR visualizer but I was hoping there might be a way of doing this with something that exists just now?

Level 9
Check out the VisiR music visualizer on Oculus share. Some of the visualizations aren't that great, but some are amazing in the DK2.

You just start up the music player of your choice and then start Visir in direct to rift mode. It can be controlled by a Xbox 360 controller for windows.
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Level 2
The VisiR visualizer looks good, will give it a try.

Level 3
G-Force music visualizer software works with vorpx!
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