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Getting Started - Complete Newbie

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I'm in the process of getting a workstation that will support VR. Initially I'm interested primarily in VR for the disabled/handicapped as I'm a caregiver who would like to be able to enrich the lives of my charges through virtual travel and social experiences, even movies on the Big Screen :-). Just some basic questions like can you calibrate the headset for someone lying in bed at a 30 degree angle for example? Can I see what they see and help them navigate? What are some good sources for things like movie players, virtual tours, events and social sites (e.g., Facebook Spaces)? The best forums for VR discussions (other than this one)? Thanks much!

Of course, I might like to get some gaming in myself!

Wayne, Seattle


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You should be able to calibrate the tracking so that the Rift can be used in a bed, in fact you should be fine moving it from bed to bed if you move the sensors in near enough the same place at each location. They will probably have to be able to move their chins down otherwise they'll be stuck looking up all the time I think though.

Google Earth VR will be amazing for them to try, as will TheBlu, and they can watch films etc using Virtual Desktop in a virtual cinema.

And you can see what they're seeing after they start a game/experience for most games but some you can't, and you won't be able to see what they see in Oculus Home either.

The Oculus sub-Reddit is the place I go to for VR discussion, you might want to post there and ask these questions because there might be people on there that have used the Rift in a similar way and can give you a few pointers. 😄

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Thanks very much!