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Give your senses a thrill in a fantastical world of Light

Level 2
Hi Fellow Rifters,

Come and join the third tour of the VR Club in Second Life.

We had a great time last week at the NCI Beach Party and raced some cool cars later on at the Tokyo track of the Racers Island Raceways.
This week we’re going to experience something totally different and very cool. Especially when viewed through the Rift. It’s a tour through a very surreal 22nd century world filled with fantastical architecture and amazing light shows. We’ll be teleporting there, cruising the sea in an advanced Jet Ski then flying around the entire area under our own steam. We might even meet some locals!

We’ll be meeting up at the NCI South landing zone as usual at 2pm SLT (Los Angeles Time) on Wednesday 10 June. Then we’ll teleport to the LEA15 site.

This tour is being held as part of a project for my Second Life Polytechnic course. I have set up a community for Oculus Rift users called VR Club whose objective is to introduce Rifters to the virtual world of Second Life. Second Life is R18 which means you must be 18 or over to join the club.

Tour 3 is leaving on:
Wednesday 10/06/15 at 2pm Second Life Time (same as Los Angeles Time)
This is the same as Wednesday 10/06/15 at 5pm New York time.
This is the same as Wednesday 10/0615 at 10pm UK time.
This is the same as Wednesday 10/06/15 at 11pm Paris time.
This is the same as Thursday 11/06/15 at 7am Sydney time
This is the same as Thursday 11/06/15 at 9am NZ time.

from the NCI South landing site in Second Life. I advise newcomers to allow 60 minutes to download the viewers prior to the start of the tour, choose their avatar, find the NCI jump-off point and have a look around. Maybe get all set up the day before!

1. Go to the website and click on Join now.
2. Choose an avatar.
3. Choose a username and password, input your details and click ‘Create an Account’.
4. Download the viewer from here. You’ll need to download the Project OculusRift viewer too as this one isn’t Oculus Rift enabled. However, to get full functionality you need to download this one first and log in to it.
5. Now download the Second Life Project OculusRift Viewer from here: ... .18.295296
6. Click on the Magnifying glass on the left hand tool bar and type ‘NCI South’ and hit the Search button.
7. Choose the third item in the results list – ‘NCI South New Citizens Incorporated Help/Classes’ with the G rating.
8. Click the ‘Teleport’ Link, then the ‘Teleport’ button, then ‘Teleport’ on the pop-up.
9. Step off the landing star using the arrow keys so the next person doesn’t land on top of you. Click on ‘World’ in the top toolbar and then ‘Set home to here’. Note that you can press Ctrl + Shift + H at any time to go home if you get lost or stuck. You can change your ‘Home’ at any time.
10. Take a look around.
• Use arrow keys to move your avatar.
• Use Ctrl + Alt keys + mouse click on object to zoom in with mouse roller.
• Use Ctrl + Alt + Shift to view 360 using mouse movements.
• Press Escape to return to 3rd person view behind your avatar.
There’s heaps to see here and you can learn a lot about Second Life. Click on the large red floating pin to download a list of NCI Classroom Landmarks into your inventory. Or click on the large Schedule of Classes & Events behind the dance floor to your left to download the NCI month’s schedule of classes and events (e.g. SchMay18 from the pop-up). Then click on the Class LM tab on the same pop-up to download a note card into your inventory with hyperlinks to all the classrooms. To access your Inventory type Ctrl I. Click on Landmarks. Type Ctrl H to access local chat to talk to people nearby.
11. Click on the People tab on the bottom toolbar and you will see everybody nearby. Click on the Groups tab in the pop-up, type in ‘VR Club’ and press Enter. Right click the club name and click ‘View’. Then click ‘More’ and then ‘Join’.
Congratulations, you are now a member of the VR Club!
12. Right click the name of the club in the pop-up and click ‘Chat’. Now the members of the club can chat privately without everyone else Nearby listening in.
13. When you type ‘Ctrl H’ to bring up the chat pop-up there will now be two options in the left hand panel, ‘VR Club’ or ‘Nearby chat’. If you are in Nearby chat, type your words and press enter to be heard up to about 20 metres away. To be heard over a greater distance (100m) type your words and press Ctrl Enter to shout. When you are in VR Club chat everyone in the club will hear you over any distances. Good for if you lose the group! You can alternate between the two depending on who you want to talk to.

The tour will be meeting by the table & chairs next to where you arrived. Then we will teleport to the LEA15 Light Show.
My Second Life name is Firedragon33. Use ‘Ctrl H’ to open your chat window and chat to me when you arrive. Click on the Lamp to receive notecards on the tour itinerary, the club standards and how to join the group. I’ll send you an invite when I see you there as well.

Put on your Rift and headphones once we get to LEA15. There’s no real benefit in wearing it before then and I’ve found it quite tricky to navigate the controls and type while wearing the Rift. Click on ‘Me’ on the top toolbar, then click ‘Toggle HMD mode’ and Second Life should appear in your HMD. Rift mode should be Extend Desktop to the HMD.

This tour we will:
• Meet up at NCI South
• Teleport to LEA15, ride some 22nd century Jet Skis, and see some amazing pyrotechnics

The tour will take about an hour. If you feel queasy at any stage take off your Rift. You can continue the tour without wearing the Rift or simply leave Second Life altogether. After the tour feel free to return back to the places we visited or explore further by yourself. Check out the attached video for some basic SL commands. It's only four minutes 46 seconds long!

Please place some feedback here on the Oculus forum after the tour and thanks for your participation.