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God Rays fixed?

Level 3
Sorry guys, been away from my Rift for a long time and haven't been doing any reading up on an of the forums because I was not happy with the CV1 and the God Ray effect when playing games and worst again, when watching movies. Is there a fix out now?
Thanks in advance.

Level 15
However for me at least, I hardly even notice them.
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Level 11
God rays is a physical thing.
 It can´t be fixed with software. New displays and new optics is the only way to make the god ray effect less obvious.
 Unless you have a broken unit, you will rarely notice it once gotten used to "them".
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Level 13
God Rays are caused by the physical Lenses used in the HMD, they're not going away.  That being said, I only noticed them in the beginning when devs were still learning not to put heavy contrasts together.   After playing games for a short period of time I don't even see them, just like I don't see the SDE unless I'm really looking for it, and if that's what I'm doing, I'm not even paying attention to the game I'm playing, I'm looking intently for flaws.  That's just not how I enjoy games, if that's what you're doing, you'll never be satisfied.

Level 10
God rays are fixed by them-self if you use the Rift, so will not notice them anymore after a while. This "fix" don't work if you go away once again during a certain time (and you are missing so many amazing stuffs out there) 😉

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Level 5
don't really notice them anymore, and when I do it's mostly at the game loading screen where it's brighter than usual.
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Level 3
There is a fix actually....stop calling them 'god' and just call them 'light rays'....seems less dramatic and hey more need to blame the almighty for this first world problem! 

Level 9
In Elite:Dangerous  try using Medium Bloom and reduce the Brightness. Other games I never notice any.

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

There is a fix actually....stop calling them 'god' and just call them 'light rays'....seems less dramatic and hey more need to blame the almighty for this first world problem! 

Or the technical term for god rays: crepuscular rays.

(Well, to be accurate the VR thing we see isn't god rays. One is a lens artifact, the other is an atmospheric effect. But they can look similar)

They are also known as "Ropes of Maui", which sounds cooler. 🙂
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Level 9
There's a big fat hole around your nose in the CV1, and the fix for that nose hole is the same fix for the light rays : Light up the black background of the CV1 screens with colors, and you can't see them anymore.

As for the reason why Oculus VR uses a white shape on a black background for it's logo : No idea, maybe they love light rays.