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Gold Rush Event #2: Sprint Vector (The Stress Test)

Level 16
While several of us missed the first event, we have another chance this weekend with another game that I personally enjoy, Sprint Vector.

April 7 from 1:00 – 2:00 pm PT


I found Sprint Vector to have a very unique feature where it makes me "physically feel" the ground moving during certain Jump Routines. It's the oddest thing:

I plan to participate this weekend. Anyone can try Sprint Vector for free, even if you don't plan to participate:

If you are playing it for the first time and experience that strange "ground moving" thing, let me know! And feel free to use this thread to report the results of the Gold Rush event.

EDIT #1:
Today the event played out more like a stress test for the Sprint Vector server infrastructure. They stated on Twitter that they will attempt to have a "makeup" event for those of us who spent an hour looking at a loading screen. Luckily I only spent about 20 minutes looking at the screen before my little buddy took over.


Hopefully a makeup event can happen, stat.

EDIT #2:
Everyone who was queued up should be included in this weeks Gold Rush even if you didn't get to play. Also, the time has been extended, as I just went in 3.5 hours later and still got the achievement.
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Level 3
diabetes? I'd say there's a risk of epilepsy with the flashing neon loading screen

Level 2

Eeetee007 said:

does anyone have loco dojo?

I do! Never found an online game, but maybe we could try?!

Level 16

Zenbane said:

I strapped my Rift to my Lego R2D2 and let him queue for me...


My claim to fame is that my Dad fixed Kenny Baker's car. He had a bloody great big cushion and wooden blocks on his pedals so that he could drive.
"This you have to understand. There's only one way to hurt a man who's lost everything. Give him back something broken."

Thomas Covenant, Unbeliever

Level 4

Zenbane said:

I strapped my Rift to my Lego R2D2 and let him queue for me...


snuff can keeping mine goig

Level 13
My guess is we'll all get in aprox 3 minutes from the timestamp on my post.

Level 3
58 minutes in so I guess this is not going to happen.

Level 3
Is what it is, I suppose.  Just hope Oculus realizes what a cluster this event was and takes steps to make it right.

Level 5
That’s an hour I’m not getting back then...

Level 2
I was'nt able to join a multiplayer quick match. Looking for server ....
I wasn't able to start a multiplayer private match. Looking for server ....
I wasn't able to invite a friend of mine who was waiting too into my skate park. He wasn't even shown as playing Sprint Vector and the game did not find him.

You really should extend this event for the next 24 hrs or longer after you fixed your servers ...

Level 13
It's over, didn't even get in a game.  Uninstalling until they announce another contest with a free weekend or something.  I'm getting on DCS World after I shoot people in Onward to calm my nerves from this waste of time.  j/k.  Maybe next time.