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Hello fellow Oculus Rift developers and enthusiasts! Looks like this might be the first post ever in the developer forums so I thought I would introduce myself.

I'm David Wyand, Head of Torque 3D development at GarageGames. Torque 3D is an open source game engine that is available from GitHub. You may find out some more about it here:

This year we've added Leap Motion controller support, and will push out Razer Hydra support this week. I look forward to integrating the Oculus Rift with Torque 3D and seeing what our community comes up with once the developer kit is released. We have a few Kickstarter supporters in our ranks (including myself) and we can't wait to get started!

- Dave
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Hi there.
I'm bidji and, for all you know, I'm a human being.
I'm also a PC gamer (and have been since the very early 90's) and I got pretty excited about the Rift when J. Carmack talked about it during that QuakeCon interview, so I decided to back the project.
Unfortunately, not being made of money, I didn't pre-order the devkit during the Kickstarter campaign. I only did so very recently (Sept. 06), when a friend and I had a talk about it. He was all like "I'm gonna get an Occulus Rift devkit!" and I was like "Oh yeah?!" and then I bought one in hopes of getting it before he does so I can brag about it (he lives in Asia, so there is a chance that might happen. fingers crossed.).
I haven't done any programming since the 90's, but if Unity is all people make it out to be, I might give it a go if real life allows it.
Other than that, I like parentheses and those forums of yours are quite enjoyable to read and I'm glad to be somewhat part of that community. 🙂 I just hope I don't ruin everything with my very bad humor.
it's very bad. 😞

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Been a lurker for a while, just got my Rift. Having a lot of fun playing the demos, so much to the point that I can't get any work done. 🙂
Looking to collaborate with other developers in bringing a new level of immersion to my stereo footage.
Seems to be a cool place to discuss the technology and overcome some pretty big challenges.
See you in VR land!

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Hi. I'm John. I'm totally stoked about the Rift and it's applications. I live in Dallas and want to make some cool experiences. I have modeling experience.

Level 3
Hello everyone,

My name is David, I'm from Australia and lone developer working on oddity engine 2. After finishing my second engine I realized I had suffered some serious burnout out and semi-lost my passion for wanting to make games. I stumbled onto the rift on the YouTube then, like everyone I guess, kept watching more and more till they made a believer out of me. Just by watching the videos my fire returned with a plethora of ideas and creativity for what could be achieved (even if the actual experience is only half as fun as the people in the videos make it out to be). So I ordered my rift at the beginning of the month and haven't gone to sleep early since, even got the sdk half set up in engine waiting to be tuned for when it gets delivered. I've forced my expectations to be as low as possible, but even the idea of being able to make experiences on a different level to current games just get's me. it's just what I needed.


David Gallagher.

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Hi, my names Alexander, I'm doing a Rift project and this board should prove useful with this. 🙂

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Hey there all!

My name is stefan, and I'm from the Netherlands :).

I have been following the rift since kickstarter, and just registered to be able to post and stuff ^^.

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Hi I'm jordi vallverdu, from

We are developing panoramic enviroments, and virtual tours based on panoramas 360 degrees

Just satrted using oculus to create fully envolvent experiences

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hello world, this is my third post

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hi im not a dev. but I think RollerCoaster Tycoon® 3: Platinum wold be a good port 😄

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Hi all,
I am from Russia. I am delighted to join the community of developers.