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Hello fellow Oculus Rift developers and enthusiasts! Looks like this might be the first post ever in the developer forums so I thought I would introduce myself.

I'm David Wyand, Head of Torque 3D development at GarageGames. Torque 3D is an open source game engine that is available from GitHub. You may find out some more about it here:

This year we've added Leap Motion controller support, and will push out Razer Hydra support this week. I look forward to integrating the Oculus Rift with Torque 3D and seeing what our community comes up with once the developer kit is released. We have a few Kickstarter supporters in our ranks (including myself) and we can't wait to get started!

- Dave
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Hi everyone from east coast Canada!
Been lurking for a month or so. Can't wait to contribute in some way to the community. 🙂

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I'm in Queedsland. Hoping to get to the point where I can plug in some house plans and take a tour before the house is built. Move feature walls in the virtual world see how it looks ect.

Problably already something out for this but that's what I want to try first.
Ordered: 24th March Delivered ?

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hey guys. Got my Rift Development Kit last week. Yay!!!! 🙂

So far tried a few demos, including Tuscany, Alone in the Rift and Dreadhalls (I am NOT playing this ever again. Almost soiled my pants after 3 minutes of gameplay). Really wanted to play minecraft with the rift mod, but this failed to install. After digging some forums I found that the mod is incompatible with the latest version of minecraft:(

In any case, I noticed that probably because the community is rather small there is a lack of resources about Rift and products for Rift. As a web-dev I though of knocking together a site for compiling a list of rift-compatible games/demos and other things, but instead of trying to list EVERYTHING, do more thorough research on each item, embed some videos, post reviews, hints etc. What anyone be interested in using this or wants to help or has something to say about it?

PM me or just reply here

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Greetings from east coast Canada as well! Racking up a reply count so I can post my first demo 😄 (v0.4 Win/Mac/Lin) [Updated March 17th]

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Hello, I'm from NA and I am optimistic about OR. I used to believe the idea of affordable quality VR was ahead of it's time, however the state of our current technology and this project has now made me a believer and I can't wait to see the rift in action.

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Hi everyone, I'm Esac. doing research in neuroscience and robotics and I would love to use this remote environmental manipulation

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Hi everyone! I just preordered the devkit recently after countless Youtube vids and articles. Being a big fan of works like The Matrix, Snow Crash, Ready Player One and just scifi stuff in general really made me decide that I want to be part of the VR movement. It would be wonderful to create experiences for everyone to enjoy, not to mention non-gaming applications that would be immensely.

I've made simple 2-d physics and card games as a hobby about 10 years ago, and now reviving my love for making games. Now with the added dimension of immersion and presence, I would say that I'm now both inspired and excited by the possibilities.

For the past weeks, I've been keeping myself up to speed with 3d game development platforms and have gotten myself into Unity. I've never seen such level of accessibility to creating games back when I was in college. I hope I'm not being over-optimistic but it looks like I'll be able to pull my ideas off, given that I pour in some good hard work.

I'm part-timing as a DJ/Producer as an ongoing passion. So if any of you needs some music / sound work in your projects, feel free to message me and I may be able to help out.

So this wraps up my rather lengthy introduction, and I hope I'll be able learn and experience VR with you guys 🙂

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Greetings from Australia!
Ordered Sept 29. 081xxx - Shipped (Australia) Received PROCESSING email Oct 30. Received shipping email + tracking number Nov 8.

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Just working in my three posts. :geek:

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Well I've been lurking the forums for a while but recently put in my order, I'm ready to join the ranks and get working on stuff!
Ordered 30th September. 081xxx - Delivered 11/11