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HELP anyone know of games or immersive apps for a quadriplegic that you don't need hand controller.

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I have a question about controlling the GO. It is a gift for my husband who has been a quadriplegic for 4 years and was a carpenter and outdoorsman. I purchased this so he could walk again in VR. but is there a way to control with phone like pad or flat . He uses a pen like devise to use phone via mouth stick to tap and swipe on his phone so was hoping for a way to use a like devise as controller. or can you recommend games that he doesn't need a trigger of controller to move around . head movement or something.. ugh if there a better VR devise for this


Level 9
Unfortunately most apps require the controller, although there are a few that can be played with just head movement.

I would love to see more content suitable for people with disabilities. I think VR could be very liberating for many people like your husband. Developers, I hope you're listening!

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

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Have you considered voice recognition apps like below to map to keys? This one is VR friendly.

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How did you get on?  I'm thinking about pulling a controller apart and trying to make a new one for my brother who is quadriplegic.  I've seen a bit of chat about voice operated control.  Doesn't help me though as my brother is also deaf.  I've tried casting to my tv and having him wear the headset and me with the controllers but that wasn't very successful.   There are games which might be enjoyable if you have two headsets.  Elven Assasin is one in which you could have two players standing/sitting in the same spot so you are seeing the same thing and one person is shooting and the other watching but still immersed in the game.  (I use a quest 2)

Hi there,

I also have a disabled brother that I would love to see be able to use the oculus quest. Let me know if you find any more information. 
thanks, Damian. 

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey Damian, we know how awesome it is to be able to play games with our siblings, no matter what stage in life we're in. Make your and your brother's voice heard here: 👍😃