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HP Reverb second impression thread. (Revision 2)

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Volunteer Moderator
Ok HP have finally started selling the Reverb again after the messy first release. I returned the 1st with issues and received my version 2 model yesterday. Setup is plug and play as you'd expect with a WMR. I did have an issue for an hour or so where I was stuck in 3dof but after tinkering I found the error (user) and was back in 6dof. The cable is still heavy and a tad cumbersome but due to a new included clip, the cable attachment will not come apart now.

Now for the good bits, the resolution ohhh the resolution!!! I am so glad I have my Reverb again for simming. Sod the controllers I don't use them. But in DCS FSX P3D and our Flyinside simulator, the clarity is what I've always wished and hoped for.

Yes I think it does need a 2080ti to get the full benefit of this headset but that's a personal opinion and yes it's a tad pricey but did I mention the resolution?

If you are into sit down experiences or simming then this is a must have HMD, it really does blow everything out of the water (until we hear about the cosmos)

I think the sound is on par with the CV1 through the Reverbs headphones but defo not as comfortable but they are bearable.

Visuals = 10/10
Comfort = 7.5/10
Build quality = 8.5/10
Value = 9/10
Recommendations = 9.5/10

Simmers it's a no brainer, go buy.
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RuneSR2 said:

So you like the Reverb?  B)

Yes I do. I don't really have much to add to my first impressions other than what I said above.
Only new thing is that I've now had time to watch some 3d movies in BigScreen - and it's really good. The limited sweet spot of the lenses still makes it an inferior experience compared to my projector though. And having that massive cable connector sit on your shoulder is a drag when turning your head in a recliner.
I'm content though. I knew what it could do, it's pros and cons, and bought it again 🙂
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New price drop for the platform: "The Out-of-Home Immersive Entertainment Frontier: Expanding Interactive Boundaries in Leisure Facilities"

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The thing that's starting to bother me the most is actually how much light is required for the HMD tracking to be reliable.  It sure doesn't like my mancave with black walls  and very few (and weak) lamps in the evening:(
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kevinw729 said:

NA only...

System Specs: ASUS NVIDIA RTX 3090 TUF GAMING OC 24GB , i9 9900K CPU, 16 GB DDR 4 RAM, Win 10 64 Bit OS.

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Reverb has been down to $500 for some weeks in NA, it's a great price indeed. 

BTW - just found this nice comparison illustrating different HMD resolutions including Reverb, Index, Rift-S, Pimax hmds etc:

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costs after tax and shipping:

CDN$ 964.67

heres a review;

I received it on time but didn't like the product.
October 7, 2019 -
Published on
Verified Purchase
got me on time and there weren't any shipping issues at all but as
far as the product goes, I really wanted to get something good and
thought the Reverb would be outstanding considering the resolution but
the only good thing about it is the resolution. The colors are terrible
it's washed out and the headphones are generic, the controllers are the
only other decent thing about it which isn't saying much. I waited a
while until this headset was available and it turns out I should have
gotten the Index instead. I made a $700 mistake and there is nothing I
can do about it. It turned me off to buying a new headset now. I don't
know maybe somebody else will buy it off of me and I can get some money

Build flaws are a distraction from amazing clarity
August 13, 2019 -
Published on
First off, this display really is next-level clear. I have owned, and am comparing this to:
Samsung Odyssey
Samsung Odyssey +
Oculus Rift
Pimax 4K

8/15/2019: I got tired of the dimming and will be returning this
device. I have also purchased one directly from HP now that I hear that
the latest batch has been much more stable. I will further update this
review once I receive and test the replacement.

On to the observations...
The display - This is why I bought it. It is very crisp and delivers
*almost* no SDE while also avoiding that slight haze like the O+.
+ No light leakage
+ Comfort - Definitely finding lighter and it easier to use with glasses than some of the other HMDs.
Despite the warnings about needing a powerhouse PC to run it, I seem to
have no trouble on a Core i5 8600K(6 cores), 16 GB RAM, and a GTX1060.
I saw little difference if any when running on my gaming rig, with 32GB
Ram, Core i7, and a GTX1080. Admittedly I am not a hardcore gamer and
may not notice subtleties so YMMV.
+ I am lucky to have average IPD so I've had no problems there.

This connector situation is shameful. In case you haven't heard, the
cable connector tends to work itself loose which gives you flickers,
black screen, one side failing, etc. I found a few solutions on Reddit
that pointed me in the right direction. By adding wire ties to hold the
connector in place it has become MUCH more stable.
- There seems to
be a dimming issue after 20 minutes of usage, but I am not sure if this
is heat or the connector acting up again. The message boards are again a
good place to check and stay informed on findings.
- The cable is stiff and flat which makes it bend and twist much less freely than a round cable would.
Tracking is no better than previous WMR from what I can tell. In fact,
this has been more goofy at times, showing controllers as a mirror
image, or in the wrong places when I first start etc. A quick restart
fixes it.

Other notes:
* Make sure you adjust your SteamVR
resolution up to 188% because the default resolution does not take full
advantage of this display.

Final verdict:
If you are looking
for a perfect, flawless, fully commercially ready product you may want
to wait a few months for HP to work out the kinks. Personally, I am
keeping it despite the issues. As an early adopter I expect to hit some
bumps. The cable things seems to be manageable. And if the display
dimming is declared to be a hardware issue (rather than drivers or
something else) I will jump on the bandwagon and complain to HP for a
fix even if it is months from now. I assume, hopefully not naively,
that they will stand by their product especially for those of us who
took a chance on it early in the game.


i dont know. i think an index might be better.

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You obviously haven't read enough about the HP Reverb. if you opt into Steam for mixed Reality VR beta and also opt into the Steam VR beta it fixes the rendering issues and gives better performance too. You then don't need to set it at 188% you just have to set it to 100% in the Steam VR settings. I also have none of the problems you speak about apart from the cable is a bit of a pain. I don't get things like dimming or blank screens because they were fixed with the newer version.
There's a HP Reverb thread somewhere if you use the search function on this forum about the HP Reverb. Also, why have you sent for another one because it sounds like you prefer a Valve index?

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Just seen that they have dropped the price of the HP Reverb to £514.80. Great price considering you get the best resolution VR headset out there. I know there's more to a VR headset then just resolution, but for sims and other seated experiences the HP Reverb is a steal at that price.

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If they just put more cameras on it 😞

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I wish I was convinced of that, as I am sure enjoying my Rift S with my sims. However just sold my 1080 Ti so may consider trying out a Reverb just for my flight sims. Somewhat worried I would be disappointed though.  Decisions, decisions. 
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