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Has oculus Management been shaken up enough?

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Although luckey has been fired, and iribe demoted, I still feel as a facebook shareholder that we still have a little futher to go.  I think mark and facebook can do a lot of good for VR and AR, but we need to really clean house so that my facebook investment has some good people heading the ship.

It seems Iribe and Carmack did some very questionable things, very questionable, and as a facebook shareholder I don't like the "karma" their past evil seems to bring to my investment.  I think they both need to be purged from the company, especially with their actions causing so much harm that now billions of bucks are potentially going to leave facebook in lawsuits.  It seems if they had not been so RUTHLESS to zenimax, the entire industry would be further along now, and all this bad blood not harming us all now.  Maybe a more "open" approach and less "walled garden" approach would have made for better relations going forwards? Anyways I feel as a facebook shareholder, until iribe, nate Mitchell, and carmack are removed (at a minimum for their very shady dealings) I worry that others will still not wish to work with facebook/oculus and it will harm my investment while these people remain employed at facebook.
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We're already looking at new SteamVR players such as LG and Microsoft's "mixed reality" platform. Oculus screwed up so badly by taking too long, messing up with a paper launch all in the name of being first, and then not having Roomscale and tracked controllers for 9mths. If they actually got units out on time and had proper Roomscale upfront at current prices, the exclusives may have worked and they'd survive.

As it is, with everything else going wrong, the exclusives have just turned a heap of goodwill against them. No chance of regaining those customers now.

Its amazing how bad they stuffed up considering it's only been 15mths. Their failure will be taught in economic classes as a case study on how to blow a massive loyal grassroots fan base with bad management.

Immediately after their failed launch they should have added a wrapper and opened up their store to Vive. I for one would have bought games and been invested to overlook

What's an email between friends right?

  • Nate Mitchell, in August 2012, brought a large desktop computer to id Software’s office in Dallas and downloaded ZeniMax’s virtual reality software to a large desktop computer

Interesting comment from Alan Yates a few hours ago:

I suspect this time around the vendors are much less likely to sign exclusives with Oculus/Facebook. The Vive out-sold the Rift and they are well aware Valve R&D was responsible for the Vive (and much of the Rift too). Cutting yourself out from over half the market is just dumb, they won't make that mistake again. the later failings.

On September 10, 2012, after multiple requests from ZeniMax to discuss compensation for ZeniMax’s role in developing and promoting the Rift, Oculus drafted a proposal “designed to help kick off the formal discussion” on a future relationship with ZeniMax. In its proposal, Oculus demanded that ZeniMax grant Oculus a worldwide,exclusive license to programming code that had been provided by ZeniMax pursuant to the Non-Disclosure Agreement. Oculus also demanded that ZeniMax create additional intellectual property for Oculus’s sole use. <-- here is where exclusives were born

  • Oculus further demanded that ZeniMax provide extensive marketing and ten thousand free copies of “ DOOM 3: BFG Edition” for Oculus to provide to its Kickstarter investors. In return for those demands, Oculus offered to ZeniMax an equity stake in the company of 2%, subject to dilution, which would only vest after three years, and then subject to additional conditions. Oculus also proposed that ZeniMax pay Oculus $1.2 million for an additional 3% stake.

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    I get the feeling that the man that brought us Doom could get a job anywhere he wanted.  I don't think Oculus is going to get rid of him.

    PalmerLuckey brought Oculus and the Rift, where is he know? No one in Oculus is indispensable. There are only two people safe in all this and that's Mark Zuckerberg and GabeN.

    And Valve or any other company in the industry would likely take him on the payroll gladly if he applied.  I am sure they consider him an asset especially to mobile VR.  If they terminate him, he will be working for the competition, he's interested in VR.  He would have no problem getting another job.