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How accurate is Oculus' "estimated shipping date?"

Level 5
Just wondering - I have an XX28XX order #, which is pretty far back on the list of March shipments, but I did get the March estimate on my order confirmation page. Does the March estimate guarantee a March shipment at this point? Or was that just another ballpark?

And yes, I realize that an estimate isn't a guarantee, but at this point I would think that Oculus knows how deep into the order #'s March shipments go.

Level 5
I am a 28'er also had March estimate on my order confirmation page, would love to know the same thing.
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Level 9
Not very accurate at all, from what I've read on here and Reddit. There are a LOT of people with March dates who haven't heard anything yet. Obviously, March isn't over yet, but as emails started going out almost 24 hours ago, I'd guess that if you haven't heard anything by now then you're not in the March batch.

Here's hoping Oculus prove me wrong here! 🙂

Level 5
My shipping date is still set to TBA... Have a March order as well.. 😞
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Level 2
I am a 27, and I havent heard anything either yet.

Level 11
I'm at 264 and got the email.  
"For some customers, your actual ship date may differ from the estimate you saw when ordering."  

I know I'm pretty close to the cusp based on the spreadsheet they created on reddit.  Fingers crossed I see the CC charges sometime today 😉
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Level 4
im a 24, got the email yesterday but havn't heard anything else yet today. I got the email around 6pm though, so maybe another around then? Im sure the forums here will be frantic when non kickstarter rifts start changing to shipped.
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Level 2
26, March shipping date, received confirmation 10 minutes past the hour.  Didn't get any email yet.

Level 8
I had my order complete 5 minutes past the hour and got the 1-3 week email yesterday.  The scary thing is I bet the people that have not got the 1-3 week e-mail is out past 3 weeks...