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How do I disable VD/SteamVR to use Airlink instead?

Level 3

I am hearing about some of my games not working with VD+SteamVR but functioning well with Airlink. How do I disable SteamVR so it won’t launch the games purchased on Steam? 


Level 15

@justin.ricke  not all games (even Oculus store ones) are compatible with VD.  Have a look at the latest compatibility spreadsheet;


If one of you games is not compatible just use Air Link.  No need to disable VD, just use it when you want to use it.  I switch between VD and AL quite often and it's very easy to do.  I'm sure you'll figure out how to do this mate.  Good luck and cheers,

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Level 11

Airlink is just a vitrual cable, so steamVr will still be required to be running in the background to actually run the steamVr games, just as the Oculus SDK is required to be running when you start airlink and run oculus store VR games, but with both Virtual desktop and airlink you should have very good coverage for running all your games over wifi.

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