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How do I disable the menu buttons on the Oculus rift's touch controllers????

Level 2
Had three potentially global high scores on Audioshield ruined by my clumsy right thumb pushing the menu button on the right touch controller near the end of songs.  I consider myself somewhat tech savvy is their anyway at all I can disable the menu buttons for while I'm in-game, that doesn't involve superglue?

I've read it's pretty straight forward on the Vive controllers but I can't see a way to do it on the Oculus touch controllers.

Level 2
+1 Every time I play beatsaber, I accidentally hit the menu button on my right hand ruining the gameplay. 

Level 16
Hmm can't you set that to a delay button press in Rift Core 2.0?
Not sure if that would help your situation but might make it a little better.
I think with the delay it has to be pressed like 2-3 seconds to activate.
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Level 16
Yes, this is supported with the most recent update. Just enable long press inside VR: Settings > Dash > Long Press.
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