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How do you permanently delete games?

Level 5
I know you can uninstall games but I want them completely gone form my library.  Some of these games I want rid of I will never play again.

Can you permanently uninstall games?  

Level 4
It seems like most people are oblivious to the fact that it is possible for some games or applications to be so crappy that there actually are people out there who utterly and completely want to REMOVE a game COMPLETELY and never see it again, even on a hidden feature list. This just makes me think twice about even testing a game because if it is crap it will haunt me forever. Now if I could COMPLETELY DELETE it from my lists I would seriously try everything (free of course) at least once.

Level 2
I want to delete things completely from my Library as if I'd never installed them.  

I see many suggestions to "Just use the filters!"  

......that's not an acceptable solution to me.  There are some things which a person might uninstall for reasons of their own and expect to revisit in the future.   There are some things which a person may NEVER intend to reinstall.  Ever. (Abe VR, for example).

I've only had my Rift S for a short time and I'm already becoming extremely hesitant to give free or extremely cheap things a look for no reason other than I don't want my library becoming frustratingly cluttered as I move forward, filters or no. Free things often give exposure to the people who created them, leading to support for other projects.  Cheap things are sometimes absolute crap, and sometimes quite endearing for what they are.  Either way, if something's on sale for $2 or $3 I'm happy to give it a go.  Even if I only get 30 minutes or an hour's use out of it before deciding to abandon it forever, I usually consider it to be getting my money's worth.  

However....this lack of control of my library really makes me want to purchase as much as I can from trusted third parties instead of through Oculus.  .....and I know that I'm not alone in this.   

The lack of this feature can only hurt Oculus moving forward and I've seen forum posts going back over the past few years asking for it.  Why the resistance? 

Level 4
Please learn from Steam:

Level 2

KillCard said:

If you uninstall them they are uninstalled. Them being in your library does not mean they are installed on your computer, it means they are on your account. If they are on your account but not installed on your computer they use up 0 space and are of no detriment to you whatsoever.

I can't fathom a legitimate reason why you would absolutely need something removed from your account ... unless you wanted to hide the fact you bought something from a spouse or loved one lol.

The reason to remove them is so that my kid doesn't play them.  Things get downloaded that interact with real people that a 9 year old does not need, nor should, they be doing.  I monitor what is there and if I find that I don't feel it's appropriate, I want it gone so that the temptation is not there to continue after I've said 'NO'.

Level 3
This is crazy.. i have a few games i bought for my oculus in 2016 (the one that people got free with mobile phones) they are still showing up in my account, i now have the Q2 and want the games removing from my account.. 

Level 5
there is no logical reason you shouldnt be able to remove a game from your library. Its an annoyance to have a slew of games in library that you will never use/install again.. Oculus really should fix this in an update

Level 12
In your library, click on filters and uncheck the box for "Uninstalled Apps". Now they won't show anymore.
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Dear Oculus, If it ain't broke, don't fix it, please.

Level 5

Richooal said:

In your library, click on filters and uncheck the box for "Uninstalled Apps". Now they won't show anymore.

thats only on the pc app. they should add option in phone app as well. And again would be better if could completely delete any trace of the program so doesnt show up anywhere, like you can on a computer game.

Level 3
This is driving me mad too. Filtering uninstalled apps is not acceptable as it filters out all your other uninstalled games too making that a moot point. dead on arrival but thanks for the suggestions keep them coming.. oculus store is full of so much bloatware and crap that many of us downloaded for free and have since never touched again that as one user puts it haunts us forever and makes finding what we really want a pain and headache. Irritating and not good. Room for improvement 100% 

Level 2

Digikid1 said:


Digikid1 said:

Yeah I skimmed it after I posted my response. 

Anything that you download on your oculus account is permanently on your account. There is absolutely nothing that you can do.

But it's 2018?
I cannot believe there is no way to remove stuff from your account you are never going to play again. 

Irrelevant. That’s just the way it works and you’re going to have to except that.

irrelevant.  except.  except that.  accept.  accept that. much smart.  ......irrelevant. hhaha