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How exactly are files supposed to be named, and folders set up for the GearVR???

Level 2
So this is driving me crazy. First off I just wanted to say I have searched extensively here and online for answers to no avail. If I've missed it somewhere I apologize.

There have been a few updates to Oculus for the GearVR and also the "Gallery" and "Video" app within the GearVR over the last two weeks. Playback has changed slightly, between playing back through the "Gallery" app, or through the "Video" app. However, and more to the point as the title there anyone out there who can explain to me how to name files exactly, and in addition how folders should be set up and located?? 

All of these questions are in regards to watching 3D videos with stereoscopic view. Whether 180 or 360 degrees.

Now, I'm somewhat aware of the set ups, but not definitively. I realize that 180 degree SBS (side by side) videos are to include "180x180_3dh". However I've also seen "180x180_3dh_LR" (the LR meaning left/right obv). Previously (before the recent updates) I had to take the LR off the end of the filename for it to work correctly (contrary to what I had come across in the past that the file needed this included). But now it doesn't seem to matter in the "Videos" app, it can include the "_LR" at the end (prior to the file format, such as .mp4, etc, I'm aware), or it doesn't need it to work correctly. At least my experience. 

In addition I realize that 180 degree top/bottom end with "180x180_3dv", and once again I've seen the filename end in "180x180_3dv_TB" (for top/bottom). However again, in the "Video" app it doesn't seem to matter if the "_TB" is on the end of the filename or not now? It also seems sometimes there are issues with the "top/bottom" videos playing correctly with the "_3dv" at the end. I'm also curious about how to name 360 degree videos? I have just two or three of these (out of probably about 150 videos in total), one works fine, two don't. I've tried renaming the files that I'm having issues with in many different ways, without success. I've also tried relocating to different folders, sub folders, etc.

Lastly, the folder set up! How the heck are these supposed to be and where?? I realize when Oculus software is first installed an "Oculus" folder is automatically created on your phone within the phone storage. For my movies that are working I have everything installed in a folder simply named "Movies" (NOT installed as a sub folder within the Oculus folder. And I actually have this located on my 256gb SD card, not the phone storage). Nearly all of my SBS seem to work correctly in the "Videos" app now. But I know there is more to it than this. Dating back I've seen different instructions in my lengthy searching. I've read files should be in a folder named "My Movies". I've read there should be a sub folder within "My Movies" named "3D" for 3D movies. But as stated there have been updates to the Gallery app and the Video app.

I find it completely shocking that Oculus on their own website doesn't have a simple guide to explain EXACTLY how files and folders are to be named and set up for optimal and correct playback. 3D SBS, top/bottom, 3D movies to be played back in the theater? Nothing in the support or Faq's section at all. It should be that simple right??

Lastly, as a point of notice, nearly all of the files I'm mentioning are 3D VR adult films, and I can definitely verify that they aren't corrupt or bad files. That is definitely not the issue. But also curious where to locate and name a regular 3D movie as mentioned in the above paragraph also.

Any help at all would be IMMENSELY appreciated! Thanks in advance!


Level 13
Here you go!

I just put all my 360 videos into my Phones local storage in 'Movies' and it always pops up.
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