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How many cams are you ordering with Touch?

Level 9
I ordered a two Touches on 10/10 from two vendors just in case. I understand that a standalone camera is supposed to be available for order on 10/31, last I heard. But there is no such item on the Oculus Store yet. I'm wondering if most of the non-devs here plan to initially use Touch with 2, 3, or 4 cams?

I want the best experience I can get, so if 4 cams is the max, I'll order more and if there is a shortage I was thinking about cannibalizing the second Touch's camera as a 3rd. Sound like a viable plan or not worth the trouble?  (Note: I have a buddy who can use the second Touch if need be, so it would not go to waste)

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Im gonna go with two sensors (so no extras) since i dont have enough space to do room scale but Im gonna test out room scale with two sensors at a friends to see how it goes! Ive seen enough vids of it working to convince me i dont need the third! 🙂

I think Id buy the third if i had a big room so i could have the best of both worlds of front facing and roomscale with the setup Oculus recommend for roomscale

I think 4 is not needed at all 🙂 Im pretty sure Nate or something at Oculus said they tested 4 and it was overkill!

Level 13
I'll start off with the 2 but probably get another after Christmas.

We'll see how it goes.

Level 4
Fifteen.  My room has a lot of corners, and I'll be damned if I let occlusion mess up my VR mini golf putting accuracy.

Level 9
Just the 2, got some wall brackets to get the cameras a little higher.
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Just two for me. Vive owners appear to be quite happy with the small amount of occlusion issues that having two Lighthouses gives them so far so there's no need to add a third imo.

Level 7
I don't have a big space but I will use 3 sensors to minimize occlusion.

Level 10
I will go with a 4 camera setup 🙂 
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Level 4
Just two. My Omni should be arriving in the next few weeks, which will make mere "room scale" a moot point.
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Level 8
I'm gonna buy one extra, for three total. I've got a sizeable room for my room scale shenanigans, so I want the extra.