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How many devices can I connect to my account?

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I am a teacher and we plan to experiment Quest 2 in my school.


We are wondering how many Quest 2 devices we could associate with the same Facebook account. I cannot find this information on this forum. Anyone can help? Thanks.


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Hmm, well... SOme research pulls up this article by VR Scout.

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Thank You @Pixie40 , there isn't an exact number, but it is a base to go on with the Quest 2 trial.

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Try to contact Oculus Support, they should be able to help. 

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Your timing is good.  They just rolled that out for Quest 2 .  I'm also a teacher and have a VR lab where we use Quest 1 sets.  It would be great to talk to another teacher.   You can reach me at .

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Ok, the problem seems serious for schools. Since students cannot login with their Facebook profile, if I understand correctly, we should create several school owned accounts and, in any case, if we buy an app with one account we could use it in at most three devices.