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How many have had issues vs no issues with their Rift?

Level 4
I purchased my Rift a little over a week ago, and have had nothing but issues with it. I am having the same issue many people are having with the HDMI/USB connection always getting lost even with a supported computer and drivers. 

I opened a ticket, and had great support immediately. This post is not to undermine Oculus on their support as I had a good experience. After going back and forth and getting to the point of them wanting to send me a new cable, I decided just to return the unit to Best Buy. I have read posts about having this same issue and didn't want to get stuck with a lemon. 

So my question is how many people have units that just work?

I am trying to figure out if I am just part of a handful of people that have had issues, or this is a bigger problem.

I did not reorder a Rift after I returned it, and I am not sure if I should just sit and wait for Oculus to get this all worked out or dive right back in. 
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Level 4
No issues here with the HMD.

There are the usual beta querks with the software, but that should be easy enough to fix.

Examples, the reset configure rift, reset default view in VR, will crash if you have opened anything while doing it, but its nothing a reboot wount fix. Just remember to close apps before using the configure rift...

2 times I had my remote not answering - again after a reboot that problem went away.

Level 5
Had mine for 2 weeks then started to get HDMI dissconects. When ever I moved or twisted the headset it happened. Sent it back and a new one is just about to ship (I hope). When it did work it was great. Little worried replacement may not be as good maybe worse god rays or colours on black screen etc. Just hope it's fine!

Level 4
Well I just got the new Rift, and set it all up. It worked great for about 15 mins, then it started getting the "HDMI is not connected" message and the headset goes black. It does it less often then the one I returned, but still not right. So it looks like Rift doesn't like my computer or the Inateck card I purchased. I still find it hard to believe its my computer, as I tried the returned unit on my brothers brand new Alienware Aurora VR ready machine and had the same problems. 

I will have all the parts for my new small format travel computer build tomorrow:

G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 32GB
Intel I7 6700k
Asus GTX 1070

If this new build doesn't work solid with the new Rift, then I am going to return it and forget about the Oculus all together. That will have been three computers that it didn't work with, being my older computer,  my brothers brand new Alienware Aurora that's VR ready, and my new build. I hope it works, I have wasted way to much time trying to trouble shoot this thing. Probably the most time I have ever spent trying to get a consumer product to work properly. 

Level 4
Well I stand corrected, the new build is working great with the Rift!

I guess the Rift really is that sensitive to USB 3/USB drivers. Still doesn't explain why the original Rift I had would stop working if you just moved it, or why it wouldn't work on my brothers brand new VR ready Alienware.

Time to play a full game now that it doesn't shut off every 10 mins. Hopefully it keeps working.

Level 4
Issues with undetected hdmi.

Level 5
Well My was working brilliantly until the last oculus update and now I get random sensor disconnects and the rift goes black and kick me out of the game and back to the white room.

Hopefully oculus will release an update to fix this.  

Level 4
I'm starting to get more of these "HDMI not connected" warnings now, in the middle of gaming.  I finally decided to open a ticket on it, as I am really going to need some answers before I demo this thing at the ASI Tech Expo in a few weeks...

Level 5
I've had no sensor or disconnect issues but have the top two thirds of both panels with pink dusty tint and the bottom one third of both panels with deep solid red tint. Not visible 90% of the time however so I don't feel the need to RMA urgently. I don't want the hassle of an RMA when we don't even know yet if the panel uniformity and red tint issues can or will be tuned out with a firmware update or new dev guidelines or if hardware issues are the cause, before changes have been made to mitigate Red tint on new Rifts rolling of the production lines or while everyone and their granny is still bogging down Oculus Support with myriad issues that probably arent even the fault of the Rift.

ie. Yeah, I have an RMA'able Rift but I'd be annoyed if my replacement has the same issues because they haven't solved a hardware issue and Revision one Rifts are still rolling off the production lines. Or if I get a unit without red tint but it has a dodgy HDMI connection or janky sensor. I'd be even more annoyed if that happened and it turned out if I'd only waited another few weeks, I could have kept my Red Tint Rift where everything else works perfect and  Version 1.9 of the software arrives and poof!! red tint issues disappear.

So I'll be waiting to RMA until we get further information about the causes of issues or their possible fixes or I start getting close to the expiration of my warranty, whichever comes first.

Level 9
I've had support beating around the bush about the red stain under certain conditions,  taking  forever to simply send me the spud tool for testing and they ask for pictures. Every time  I try to take pictures it just takes a picture of  lens reflection ( even if I cover the sensor with my thumb to keep the headset activated/on). WTF are ya supposed to do? Wait another 5 days for a response when you say just that? I'm sure he'll have a  suggestion!

Oh, and the event viewer log spamming! He told me to uninstall Oculus in safe mode and reinstall it and/or reinstall Windows. ( this is with a fresh install of Windows and the issue was there before and still is). Does support even know the common issues of their own product? Oculus is aware of the event viewer error spamming and is going to fix it in a future update! Do they tell their support staff that? Evidently not.

And the red stain-ee spot under certain dark conditions is a known issue. Why put EVERY SINGLE customer through the same hoops??

Support is slow and non-helpful.

Level 13
Event viewer log spamming isn't going to hurt your computer ~ just saying ~ I don't get why people like to bring this point up. Sorry - it's just annoying to see this point be made over and over without the user understanding what the event viewer log is for.... Don't mind me.. just annoy over this ONE point is all...