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How scared have you been by horror games?

Level 11

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator

@Applecorp, are you asking about AI?

It worked on the DK2 and CV1 up until runtime 0.8. It was a bit of a pain though because it needed particular settings on the PC... like Rift set to secondary display, monitor 1, landscape flipped... as well as in-game settings enabling VR via the game's ENGINE_SETTINGS.xml file.

Ah the joys of pre-1.3 VR gaming!

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Level 7
The solus project is scary - honest
But dont play it in VR.
Just play normally on the screen

Level 8
I loved The Solus Project in VR, that extra level of immersion is what made the alien planet so much more beautiful and sinister.

Controls could have been better, although it was more meant for Vive. Hopefully Touch support is implemented.

Level 9
 I was pretty disappointed by elevator ritual. This girl goes into an "alternate universe" and all she encounters is one stinking zombie? Pretty lame. This is the type of game a teenage girl might be scared by, but that's about it.  Plus, very little  replay value, as contrasted with Dreadhalls.  😛

Level 8
Dreadhalls is on another level, I can only take 10 minutes at a time. I love watching UKRifter play it, makes me feel not so much of a pussy. He's so funny.