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How the Oculus Rift made me cry(and what it means to me)

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This thread may come off a bit weirdly to some of you, but I think also a lot of you will understand. I'm going to explain how the CV1 moved me to tears and what it really means to me. So here we go!

When I first heard about the Rift it was right before the DK2 was released. I had wanted something like virtual reality for a long time for a lot of reasons, but I never thought I'd see it come to fruition in my lifetime. I'm currently 32 years old by the way. Oculus got my hopes up. VERY highly. I wanted very badly to buy a DK2 but I just simply couldn't afford it. As I've said before I don't have a lot of money. In fact I had to save for most of a year to afford my CV1. And it was totally worth it.

I've had my Rift for a week now. And I absolutely love it to death. It
is the most amazing thing I've ever experienced and it absolutely
exceeded my expectations in every way. It's everything I'd hoped. It
will make my life so much better and happier. See, I'm disabled. There
are a lot of things I can't do because my body is very rekt. A lot of
things I want to do that I would NEVER be able to do. But now I can.
That has so much meaning to me that the first day I got to REALLY spend
time in the Rift(which was the third day I had it) I wound up crying inside of it(not recommended, kinda wrecks immersion :tongue: ). I realized that so many doors that
were forever shut to me are open now. So many things I would have never gotten to see or do can be seen and done now.

I don't know if you can understand the emotional weight of something like that. It's kind of like this. Imagine that you had no legs. And for most of your life, you haven't. But then one day somebody suddenly gives you legs. And now you can walk. It's like that. The major physical limitations I have suddenly matter a whole lot less. Sure, it'd be better to not have them at all. But that's not the life I live. This is the life I live. And Rift has already made it better.

And this is only the beginning.

I've said before in other threads that I lost a lot of faith in Oculus recently due to their incredibly tight lipped nature and refusing to reveal any information about what's going on at all. Unfortunately that still holds true. But the hardware... is everything I could have dreamed for. I fervently hope Oculus gets their s**t together and starts acting like a consumer oriented company instead of a faceless Facebook subsidiary. They've given me something so beautiful that it honestly hurts me to have to be suspicious of what they are doing and why they are doing it. But that is not what this thread is about. I just wanted to make it known that my position has not changed on this particular matter.

But the hardware... is nearly perfect.

I spend most of my life right here in this bedroom. Probably 90% of my time is spent right here. There is obviously a very limited amount of stuff you can do in a single room. Mostly I just do stuff on my PC. I moderate a forum(PCSX2), do lots of gaming, some coding, hang out with some really good friends in VOIP. But some days even that is too much. Some days it's too much to get out of bed and sit in this chair in front of my PC. That is how real and bad my problems with pain are. Right now my neck is just a massive fireball of pain, for instance. But it can get sooo much worse. Imagine not even being able to sit on your butt in front of your PC.

But I don't even have to get out of bed to use the Rift. Sure, it's better sitting here in my spinny chair. But the point is now, even on those days when I can't get out of bed at all I can experience life.

That is what the Rift means to me and that is what it gives me.


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Level 8
Well, wow this thread just exploded in popularity didn't it? I really appreciate all the warm feelings and well wishes from everyone. I'm absolutely loving my Rift. It is everything I'd hoped it'd be and more. I really had no idea the level of awesome that good OP head tracking would add to the experience. I'm also glad I avoided any reviews before I had mine and just let it blow me away.

 I finished Lucky's Tale earlier and it was a lot of fun(I was surprised at the quality of the soundtrack, except that annoying repetitive time trial music). I've also been playing just ridiculous amounts of Radial G. That game is just stupid levels of fun.

I need to rearrange my room for VR but I've been putting it off because it will kill me with pain. But the current way it's set up, I can't spin my chair more than about 20 degrees either way, and I often find the need to. So yeah, that needs to happen. Also my VR cover needs to get here. The Rift is comfortable EXCEPT for the edges of the foam on the facial interface. I need that covered!

Anyway that's an update for those of you who wondered how my Rift experience was going. Because of my eyes and not having any glasses to wear for a couple more weeks, I do have some small issues with godrays and headaches. But overall it's just been a blast. I've said "Wow" more times in the last couple of weeks than in the last few years!
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@Blyss4226 I have a friend currently working on a building VR tourism website. I'll post any updates as the project progresses. 🙂

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Oh very nice, please do!
Gaming: Intel i7 3770k @ 4.2Ghz | R9 290 | 16GB RAM | 240GB SSD | 1 TB HDD Server: AMD FX 6300 @ 4.4Ghz | GT 610 | 8GB RAM | 240GB SSD | 320GB HDD

Level 3
I love everything about this thread. Thanks for sharing your story.