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How to I use controllers of Quest 2 with 'the climb' (or anything else)?

Level 2

I bought the Quest 2 recently, and I see two controllers.   One controller has an Oculus button, an X button, a Y button and a protruding button that looks like a black mushroom, as well as a trigger on the opposite side and another trigger type button on the side.   The other one has the same buttons, but instead of 'X' and 'Y', it has 'A' and 'B'.   

I tried to use these with a tutorial (within the headset) for a game called "The Climb", but I had not idea what to push (or pull) at the steps the video leads you through.   I didn't even know what was front, what was back, or whether I put my hands through the plastic rings, (if I did, I could not reach some of the buttons).

Is there a video or tutorial on what all these buttons and triggers mean, and how to use them in games, including that particular game?



Level 9

Just play the app 'First Steps' from your Quest 2 games library. It will teach you all the buttons and triggers.

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