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How to deal with Motion Sickness and prevent it

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The following is a list I compiled from my experience as a medic and as a gamer with the Oculus Rift. Please note that the following 12 points are only recommendations. Please add to the list by commenting. Game on!
1. Turn the volume down. Being over immersed isn't always a good thing.
2. Get use to your Rift by using it for a few minutes at a time. Take at least a 5 minute break.
3. Don't jump into games that are intense, Oculus gives us comfort levels for a reason.
4. Wear your glasses. Awkward at first, but their is a reason you wear them.  
5. Always calibrate your Oculus when you put them on and off your head. It only takes a minute! I cant stress this point enough.
6. Keep your lens clean of debris. Oils and residues can make the god rays worse.
7. Ginger ale soda, and not the cheap stuff. This can help sooth your stomach. Peppermint can have the same effect.
8. Stay hydrated and fully rested.
9. Don't stand up and play, especially in games like Ethan Carter.
10. If things are becoming blurry, your eyes are starting to get fatigued/strained. Refer to the 2nd point.
11. Have a fan blow on you. This will help you with orientation. The nose gap can also help out!
12. Use motion/nausea medications if necessary.


Level 9
One thing that I find can almost instantly help with eye strain or on coming headaches is to put a cold pack over your eyes/forehead for a few minutes. Also like to put one on the back side of the head, that is where many of the nerves that your eyes actually use are located. Ginger ale definitely helps out.

Level 5
Buy some ginger root at the grocery store. You can make tea ( I make a quart at a time and keep in fridge ). You can also just eat it raw ( like when eating sushi ). Works wonders for me.

Level 4
Some interesting advice their thank you . I have to admit I don't use my oculus as much as I thought I would due to the motion sickness and eye strain I'm actually debating whether or not to keep it because of this . I downloaded a new game last night called fated a slow placed espodic story game and put the camara into snap mode to help with the motion sickness but Evan then I can only play for 15 minutes or so . I'm hoping that maybe a 2 or 3rd gen headset with better resolution and maybe wireless with less God Ray's might be worth waiting for as of now I the night mine is going to find its way to e.bay unfortunately.

Level 7
#2 if a bit difficult.  Take it from someone who was like, "okay, going to take it slow, don't want to get sick, I'll play for 10 minute tops!!  *2 hours later*"

Volunteer Moderator
Volunteer Moderator
Hmm I was wondering about that .. 12. Use motion medications if necessary ... something like promethazine hydrochloride or cinnarizine? although taking meds for that would be quite extreme.
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Be kind to one another 🙂

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I would say the opposite of #9 for FPS VR.  You really should stand up and turn your body in VR FPS games.  Using a trackpad or thumbstick to turn kind of defeats the purpose of first person VR.

Now cockpit sims and third person VR experiences are a completely different matter.

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Level 7

Hmm I was wondering about that .. 12. Use motion medications if necessary ... something like promethazine hydrochloride or cinnarizine? although taking meds for that would be quite extreme.

Zofran.  I've been given this many times for nausea, and it works really well.  It's a really popular choice for nausea, though it does come with risks like any other drug.  I'd advise against taking medication for nausea... stick with teas and candies.  You don't want to destroy your body over something so trivial. 

edit: I see he said "motion" medications, and not "nausea" meds... well, in either case, I'd still avoid drugs.  

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Just buy this. It works

Level 4
I think if I had to take drugs to play games then I just wouldn't play games don't get me wrong I think the Oculus Rift is groundbreaking and amazing but right now I think I'll just stick with my curved monitor until later down the line when these problems are ironed out , I'm still excited by VR but just not in its current state .