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How to fix scratched lenses

Level 16
One Rift user posted his amazing results on Reddit - this was before applying PolyWatch:


- and this was after:


Seems like magic - note that I have not tried it. And this is not a commercial for PolyWatch, but the tube should look like this:


"t was so simple. I just took a clean cloth to the lenses first (lightly) to remove any dust. I got Q-tips and cotton pads, and applied the PolyWatch directly to the lens. Then, I just rubbed in small circles for about 2 minutes with the cotton pads, using the q-tips to get the edges. I let the polish dry up a bit and then just used a lens cloth to clear the polish."

Again, note that I have not tried the procedure and everything is at your own risk! But do share your results in this thread if you try the procedure, thanks.


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Level 4
Well, it certainly looks like it has removed the scratches, but I'm looking at those lines in the background and they do not seem as sharp in the second photo. It's possible that the scratches are removed but the overall sharpness is affected?
I don't know, I haven't tried it. Of course it would be great if it really works, but I would be very cautious about this. 

(Mind you, if those scratches are visible when playing, then maybe the user had nothing to lose by trying, and maybe it was an improvement, I hope so).
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Level 16
Looks to me like the ceiling light is shining on the lens more in first photo. This is probably why the scratches look less visible on the second photo..

Level 16
I just ordered a tube of PolyWatch, better safe than sorry  o:)

Now, who's gonna send me a scratched Rift so I can try to replicate the findings above?  😄

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Level 16
I've got scratches on my lenses but I'm not going to attempt to repair them just in case I make things worse lol. I managed to scratch them with my glasses when I had a hypo playing Elite Dangerous a couple of years ago. They're not too bad, I've learnt to ignore the semi-transparent small white blur in my right eye.

And no, you can't experiment with it lol 😄
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Level 9
I did use PolyWatch on my CV1 lenses (because the scratches were really annoying), and it made a HUGE positive difference. Just follow thoroughly the instructions, buy the correct Polywatch anti-scratch product because they sell more then one kind, and IMPORTANT don't go buying a cheap chinese knockoff instead of the real thing (if it's too cheap, if it comes from China, if the tube is half empty... it's a knockoff). I purchased mine from Germany.

Thing is PolyWatch might be too aggressive, which might damage/remove any protective layer the CV1 lenses have (maybe they have become a bit more blurry, maybe I lost some kind of anti-fog coating...).

So although I don't recommend using a product that Oculus VR hasn't officially approved, what I can say is that "IN MY CASE" I don't regret it one bit, and would totally do it again : After applying it twice (properly) the scratches went from very bothersome to not being an issue (I simply don't notice them anymore).

That was "my" experience, please read other ones (or find a less aggressive product to apply).

Edit : If you are worried, and you should be, try it out on an old pair of glasses first (even cheap reading glasses, that you can buy and scratch on purpose).

Level 16
This one impressed me less - but still it's probably (much) better with PolyWatch:

Right lens - untreated:


Left lens - treated with PolyWatch:



Now I need to borrow @Snowdog's Rift HMD more than ever  o:)

PS: Bought a tube from Germany too - actually I have some scratches on my watch, let's start there  B)

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"Ask not what VR can do for you, but what you can do for VR"

Level 16
Not that my lenses are scratched, but can someone put a link up for the genuine poly watch stuff? Not sure how some people come to scratch their lenses so bad in the first place, but here's someone who spilt loads of Super Glue on there's so I can't talk lol. Just don't ask how I did it, but a clue is drinking 8 pints of beer and then trying to fix a snapped Rift speaker. Here what I used to get the Super Glue off my lenses and it did quite a good job. There's only a slight blur on the edge of the lens where I can't get to, but don't notice it because it's not in the sweet spot. I spilt a big blob in the middle though and that's gone..

Level 12

RedRizla said:

, but can someone put a link up for the genuine poly watch stuff?

Yeah, good point. The one @RuneSR2 posted a picture of is from Poland. It's got it on the tube.
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Level 4
I like to think that's where it was invented. 🙂