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I have also returned

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Not wanting to steal any of @Pixie40's returning thunder, and not that its a competition or anything, but...

After a much longer time than November...

I have also returned - ("da da daaaaaa" -: Belt from 'The Croods')


My dusty and long unused CV1 still exists, but for me, VR became a thing of my past remembered only with very fond memories.

A lot has happened since I was last here.

I met a girl (a real one), who must have been broken as she seemed to like me.

She was keen to have me spend time away from the imaginary world (as she called VR) and live more in the real world.  **She's hot so she won. 

We travelled on holidays together, to real places using real planes (instead of my EVE Valkyre Wraith)
We did other... stuff together too.  Is NSFW still a super secret code in here?

If not, the privileged few who remember will know what I'm talking about... right 😉

***I guess all that time hiding in the bathroom cleaning my Oculus paid off 😉 😉


Ok then fine, I was secretly watching 'physical relationship training advice' and I like to pretend to myself I learned something and did something right 😉  


Anyways, long story short, we fell in love, I lost more hair, got engaged, bought a house, my dad died of cancer which was a difficult time :'( ,Corona virus took over the world - (you might have heard about that one), had my own health scare also turning my life upside down for months, which turned out not to be the case and feel like I've dodged 2 separate cancer bullets, now waiting on the world getting back to normal to get married, finally decorated a room for my PC which looks super cool.


I now have the Birthday option of getting a Quest2 very soon. 

2 of my friends have it already and say its really good but I've not been able to see theirs due to lock-down.
Must admit I am interested to compare for myself how VR has moved on after all this time, however I see I'm forced to have to sort out an unused Facebook locked account issue first, but that's another post.

I probably wont be as active with it all, but dont want to lose my Oculus account or the games a bought either.


**(I'm not really that shallow, shes a lovely person inside and out and I feel blessed she came into my life)

***(those straps get dirty from your hair gel you know!) 


"You can't believe everything you read on the Internet " :- Abraham Lincoln 

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Volunteer Moderator

Welcome back! Congrats on getting a life, and condolences about your father.


Try opening a ticket with Oculus support for your Facebook problem (if you haven’t already). They’ve been good about getting people’s linked accounts unlocked, whereas Facebook support doesn’t seem to have any human representatives. (I suspect their “support team” is just a chicken pecking at a few auto-reply buttons, but none of the replies are helpful.)

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Welcome back, and I too offer my condolences. The last year has kind of kicked me in the privates too. I may not go out much, but the pandemic scuppered even the limited social interaction I did get. Forums and phone calls just aren't quite the same as face to face contact with another human being. And then my last living grandparent died, with me being unable to visit and say goodbye due to the pandemic. her death wasn't covid related, and we'd known it was coming. But still...


Anyway, I'd never expected it to happen when I first got a PSVR setup. I'd heard of things like Rec Room and VR Chat, and I'd figured they were stupid and a waste of time. Which they are, admittedly. But in the last year social interaction in VR has helped keep me sane. Or at least as sane as ever. I hope things start looking up for you @Warbloke. And may the bird of paradise never fly up your nose.

Lo, a quest! I seek the threads of my future in the seeds of the past.

Level 9

New desk, not 100% finished but getting there.


"You can't believe everything you read on the Internet " :- Abraham Lincoln 

Level 9

Nice! Really should get an actual computer desk too. I'm currently using the dining room table. Then again, I live on my own.

Lo, a quest! I seek the threads of my future in the seeds of the past.

Level 9

I used the dining table for ages, while working from home.  In many ways I liked it more.. being near the kettle and fridge was an advantage.  Ive also bought since a full sized red glass skull which holds my headphones.
I plan if I get it, to use it as the Quest 2 stand as well which I think will look cool.


"You can't believe everything you read on the Internet " :- Abraham Lincoln 

Level 16

Wow! What a welcome back, story!


Much sadness for your loss, and good fortune on your health and future, my friend.


It's definitely great to see some sorely missed old faces returning to the forum. Having you and Pixie returning is fantastic.


I definitely recommend the Quest 2. There's pros and cons to it, as with everything else. But most of the cons revolve around theorycrafted PCVR ideals, as opposed to what you'll actually experience first-hand. Quest 2 is amazing even for PCVR, especially with wireless functionality. Which we'll now get in two forms: Natively and using Virtual Desktop.


On top of which, it was announced today that Resident Evil 4 is being re-made specifically for Quest 2. A legendary horror title is going to make its rounds for millions of users and plenty of peepee pants city.


Quest 2 gives full PCVR room-scale. Which is hilarious considering the all the ranting and raving back during the Rift CV1's release about how superior room-scale was supposed to be over a single camera sensor experience. Yet here we are in 2021 and Quest 2 offers more room-scale than every PCVR headset on the market.


I can't wait to write/read the reviews and hear the horror tales from this community. Good times ahead!

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RE4? In VR? Uh, hang on a moment. I need to go lay in a stock of brown pants. I'm not particularly good at firearm based VR games, usually. That's mostly because I am absolute rubbish with an actual firearm. I can do it. But it takes me longer to aim, and I need to use the sights otherwise I have no chance to hit anything further away then "right in your face". As such, I'm slightly concerned how certain parts of RE4 would work out for me in VR. Such as the times you have to protect the girl with a sniper rifle while she's off in the distance doing something. Or the cabin. Or... Well, any time you're fighting the various enemies.

Lo, a quest! I seek the threads of my future in the seeds of the past.

@Pixie40 wrote:

RE4? In VR? 

Yessir! Posted some info today:


And YouTube vids are slowly popping up. Very exciting!

Level 9

@Zenbane Thanks man, its also nice to see you are still here and active as ever.
So many names in here I still remember tbh.  Its nice not to walk into a sea of strangers.
Although to any newcomers, remember Yeats: "There are no strangers here; only friends you haven’t yet met."

When I got my Rift CV1 all those years ago, that was literally the most amazing 3D experience Id ever seen.
I used to describe the experience as, imagine looking at the most amazing 3D you've ever seen, then imagine stepping in through a door into that 3D world, then imagine that door closing in behind you and disappearing. 


I of course let me pals have a go, but they lack the long term experience that comes with use in order to have a real basis of comparison, they are really just starting their VR journey with the Quest 2, so although they say it looks amazing, they dont have the memories I do,
It really is good to hear positive remarks from yourself who I know, knows what I mean.

When I see it for myself, I will only then know how it has improved.  Must admit Im excited right now just thinking about it.  Its good to feel enthusiastic again 😁

I logged a case with Oculus support, and they responded impressively fast, I sent them the info they requested last night and they are going to see what they can do to see if my old and unused Facebook account can get unlocked.

Hoping it does quickly, since as although there is plenty of time to save my purchased games in my Oculus account,  and I cant even be bothered setting up the sensors and leads again on my CV1, I am on a timeline for the Quest 2.  My Birthday present is either:
Choice 1: Quest 2 (if Facebook works and I can actually use it),
or choice 2: a new ipad (if Facebook doesnt work.)

Facebook login page today again for the 3rd time asked me to send in photo ID - which I again uploaded. lol
Im surprised given how many people use the platform Id have thought it might have worked better.
Must admit it is concerning at any time they could just not let you in any more and your entire VR investment is lost.  Anyhoo, hopefully it gets sorted out and I dont skulk away with a new ipad instead. (Waiting for Tuesday Apple Event anyways to see what gets launched there... who knows maybe they will do a one more thing and it will be a VR headset !)


Im partial to a bit of the horror genre both in movies and games.  Remember Dreadhalls? Despite it looking good and being immersive that did nothing for me scary wise. 
Having played Left for Dead 2 on the PC for years, im definitely a zombie shooter fan, and I loved the **Resident Evil movies, so Would be keen to give that a go, but will it scare me? Dont know, but Id look forward to finding out.


Speaking of my 2 pals whos Quests I havnt seen due to lockdown, one of them is and always will be stand alone.
The other wasnt able to use the Oculus link cable due to his PCs lack of USB-C.  I explained about PCVR wireless and there was a guide online to show how to use  Virtual Desktop to achieve that.
Normally it would be me he would come to for help on that, but despite him saying it was complicated, he did manage it, so Im not sure its that complicated.
Anyways I read here about Software version 28 including a wireless link capability so mayby that will make it work easier.  I of course would want to use PCVR as well.


**(Disclaimer: Not just because of Milla Jovovich's outfit in Resident Evil: Retribution)

"You can't believe everything you read on the Internet " :- Abraham Lincoln