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I have returned

Level 10

Well, I'd stopped posting back in November or so, but not because I am no longer a VR enthusiast. Instead my reasoning was that it didn't feel right to use these forums if I wasn't using an Oculus headset anymore. I'd decided that since I also had a Vive Cosmos Elite, that I'd gift my brother the Quest for Christmas. As such I'd removed all my software then factory reset the system. Also bought new hygienic interfaces to go along with it, and got him a $50 visa gift card so he could buy some software.


To be honest, I slightly regret doing that. Not giving him a VR headset for Christmas, but getting rid of my Quest. The Cosmos Elite was suppose to have superior tracking and resolution, but I personally think the Quest has sharper image quality, as good of tracking, and is more comfortable for extended sessions. Another thing I really missed was being able to play Elite Dangerous in VR. My desktop is not in the room scale VR area. Next to it, yes. But not in it. Which means the Cosmos's lighthouse tracking doesn't work well in Elite Dangerous... unlike with a Quest.


But I have returned! With a Quest 2 now on the way, I no longer feel the need to exile myself. My new quest 2 should arrive around the 12th. But in the mean time here I am, rockin like a hurricane (in Beat Saber).

Lo, a quest! I seek the threads of my future in the seeds of the past.

@Pixie40 wrote:
Probably not. Back when I stopped posting due to gifting my Quest to my brother the forum was still in the process of a meltdown over Facebook accounts becoming mandatory and how that meant Facebook was now going to get all of everyone's precious personal data.


... Which ignores the fact that the privacy policy had already clearly said that your personal data was already being given to Facebook even if you didn't have a Facebook account. 

Aah yes! Then it looks like all you may be missing is the part where Quest 2 marks the death of PCVR because apparently Quest is Mobile-only despite how successful consumers have been using it for PCVR on both Oculus and Steam.


I think that pretty much brings us up to speed! lol

Level 10

Oh, I saw that. I also ignored it because Link has been a thing for a while. And even before that, there were ways to do PCVR with a Quest 1. So the "VR is now mobile only" bit was stupid and puzzling to me.

Lo, a quest! I seek the threads of my future in the seeds of the past.

Level 10

Ugh, so **bleep** tired. And cranky. I wasn't expecting delivery till around the 14th, cause that's what the initial email had said. I got last night at 8pm. This morning at around 7am when I remembered  I was about to head to bed for the day when I remembered that message I received at 1:15am about the delivery being TODAY. Which could have happened anytime between 9am and 9pm. I'm cranky because UPS now has a simi-real time tracking of your package once it's on the delivery truck. The trick was within a block or three of my apartment dozens of times making other deliveries. Three times it stopped on my street, hell on my BLOCK, to make a delivery then took off for elsewhere. It only now arrived. I'm tired as hell, cranky as all get out, and annoyed that the VR Cover facial interface replacements weren't in the box too.


I'll finish setting up the headset and queuing my apps to download, then I'm heading to bed. There is one thing I'm very happy with though. Despite only having 3 IDP settings, the Quest 2 DOES have one that works perfectly for me. So the image is a lot clearer then I was honestly expecting.

Lo, a quest! I seek the threads of my future in the seeds of the past.

I'm not going to comment on how wide or deep Elite Dangerous is, or how compelling a game it ends up being after hours [and hours] of just flying, mining, or really, just docking out in space!; ) But I will say the game is just **bleep** beautiful in VR, almost Alyx-like in that its worth buying a $300 for. The sensation of flying in VR is amazing, and its a relatively easy run on older pcs to boot. Also check out Everspace if you can. Its often on sale on Steam, and for me it's the opposite of ED: simple, fast, and lots of quick pew-pew blowing up enemy ships. Like a console ED for arcadey children, but hey...I can be that too!🤣 

I never could really get into Elite Dangerous for some reason.

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I feel the same way, and yet there's a 125 or so hours in my Steam account that tells me different. And that was before my VR upgrade. Fun to experience and look at, but yeah it leaves something to be desired regarding story and the stultifying sameness of everything. Sure, tell me that's what real space is like, I guess, but that doesn't help the game any...🤣