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I think i'm done with oculus

Level 4

I think i'm buying a hp reverb or a valve index I don't care about the price anymore the quest 2 fails to boot sometime link won't show and the oculus software is broken oculus is now not allowing me to load steam vr steam vr shows i'm using a quest 2 but oculus link stick on loading I reinstalled oculus link and i tried a different drive with a different install of windows and it has the same issues not only I am having steam vr issues some rift games like rock band vr will lock up link and it makes me reboot my system ive been talking with oculus support and they are useless I got an oculus because I didn't want to pay $1000 now im thinking about dropping that for a valve index I can't stand it any more the crashes tracking lose or even the quest not booting at time im tired or broken software hell i had less issues with ps vr than what im dealing with the quest and ive tested this with a reverb g2 my friend let me barrow it so i can play something the quest 2 won't let me and hell i get better performance with the reverb any way so that an option too but still thinking on the index the tracking kinda suck on the reverb i can't stand the quest anymore


Level 15

Paragraphs and punctuations are a wonderful thing. Your post is very difficult to read.

Have you tried opening a support ticket with Oculus on the issues you are having?

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Level 7

Sound like a bad headset open a ticket and get it replaced.

Level 4

done did and this is my second head set im getting no ware with oculus support they been telling me the basic try another link cable try to reset the quest 2 try to reboot the quest 2 try another pc uninstall and reinstall the oculus app most of my issues is with stand alone but now link doesn't want to work steam vr sees my headset but link says loading steam vr and stays there and the rift apps isn't any better rockband vr locks up the oculus app audica sticks at loading in the oculus home but the game on the pc screen does load in with gyro working but on the HMD nothing shows and bigscreen same thing as audica i even tryed my windows 11 drive and tryed reinstalling windows on another drive im out of ideas other than buying another computer but thats pointless when i tryed another head set on my pc and it work WMR HMD but still steam vr worked with it me and my friends were going to meet up in vr chat but i can't when steam vr is stuck on a endless loading screen threw the oculus menu i'm not trying to be difficult i just want my head set to work