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I wanna make my boss puke !

Level 7

as the title states essentially

So my boss has given me the green light to have an "oculus day" with my co-workers next Wednesday . so I wanna let him have a go ...and puke up!. its a sort of "my xmas present to him" if ya know what I mean:0) c`mon chaps and chapesess which one makes you hurl the most ...yall got till Tuesday night to come up with the best suggestion before I'm back to work.... so fkn get posting to get my boss to puke ...rollercoasters, space sims ect ...anything goes ...I wanna make him puke !


Level 7
You could try 'Ultimate Booster' or some of the other (non-rollercoaster) rides in 'NoLimits 2'.
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Level 5
You must really hate him.

Level 15
Try Air Car and tell him to do some barrel rolls and loop da loops. That will make most people a bit wobbly. You may find though that like me he's completely immune to sim sickness so you may be out of luck. B)
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Level 7

Galuz said:

You must really hate him.

lolz galuz I don't he`s a really really nice bloke ... but I`m one of those "red rag to a bull" type peeps ...and he`s ok`d it so I gotta ...JUST DO IT !!! ...mwhahahaha