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Idea for a way to listen to music in virtual reality

Level 3
Similar to the idea of emuvr, what if there was a way to listen to music in virtual reality where you could take your digital files and display them in an environment as vinyl records or cds that you could then insert into a turntable or cd player in orders to initiate playback.
This would be pretty awesome and I have been wishing this would exist since back during the DK1 days.
So far it looks like no one has made anything like this, so I'm putting the idea out here in the hopes that someone will see this and create it for me ^_^

Level 11
Right now in Oculus Home you can add a TV to your space and broadcast stuff on your desktop through that TV. You  could put on Spotify. They added an arcade machine too. 

They should add a stereo or like you suggest record player.
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Level 7
Whenever I try and broadcast anything with audio in my home, I get an message stating that "my current configuration does now support audio playback"

Odd, as I have audio in my home and in all games I play???
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Personnally, I just use Virtual Desktop and ITunes. Now VD has many audio options, so it sounds great.
Or just use Oculus Desktop in a small app where you can change the environment (like Google Earth : you pick a place you like, go there and open Oculus Desktop to use Spotify or any other music app).
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