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Is Xbox One X and Oculus Rift Friends ?

Level 8
Just wondering if this is a thing ?

Level 11
I don't know if there's anything official.  
If anything there's anti-news: Microsoft Ignores VR at its XBox One X launch event
As a wild-ass guess, I'd say MS is either going to pair Scorpio with their own VR/AR device, or partner with Oculus to bring "powered by Oculus" to their platform.  Either way they have to compete with the success of PSVR.
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Level 8
It's just the asus vr kit looks like it's locked to laptops and mobile style - and then there is a gap which needs filling, makes me question Oculus's wide gaming position.

Level 4
Looks like MS is concentrating on the PC space for VR right now.  Just saw a tweet of someone from Xbox mentioning that.  My guess is next E3 so they can line up hardware partners and not have a situation at the Xbox One X launch of something that only works on X.

Level 4
I think they are going to use the new mixed reality headsets. 

Level 4
What do you guys think about the announcement of "Super Luckys Tale"  in that context ?

Does this mean...
A) XBox One X will get Oculus support
B) XBox One X will support the game on its mixed reality headsets
C) XBox One X will not get VR support, the game will only run on Monitor/TV

Level 8
Interesting - I think if Oculus Does jump into a consumer based HMD for Xbox1x and also use the current rift, that could really put pressure on Vive and PSVR - then Oculus Studio's get more cash to produce higher grade content on a broader spectrum.

Level 12
They are still BFF's  🙂
Look, man. I only need to know one thing: where they are. 

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I was always skeptical of the speculation on this forum by some that XboneX would be partnering with Oculus Rift - and that E3 would see an announcement. The closer we got to this point the more some kept on affirming that an announcement would be made and that MS and Oculus VR (OVR) were still buds.

Well I think we can see that there is no plan for XboneX support of Rift at this point, and to be honest there was never any plans (beyond over aspirational hopes by fans). The MS / Oculus relationship has been shaky at best. As we now seem to realize that while a certain executive tried to claim that the "shortage" at the Rift launch was not as rumored due to Gamepad supply, later leaks now seem to point to this was one of the issues.

Also, the level of "comfort" that MS management has felt dealing with the previous team at OVR has seen minimal if any interaction. A source at MS Redwood R&D confirming that they had not spoken with any OVR executives in months. So, to see all the speculation here that MS and Oculus were still an item... seemed hyperbole based on desperate hopes, rather than any reality. "The Out-of-Home Immersive Entertainment Frontier: Expanding Interactive Boundaries in Leisure Facilities"

Level 7
I would have thought it was a possiblity, surely VR is the future and xbox people realise this..if theres no implementation for VR whats the friggin point?