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Is everyone going to just sit pretty about these black screen issues?

Level 2
I'm going through thread after thread looking for help to get my CV1 working again and just finding dead threads with the same questions and answers.

Anytime an Oculus member steps in they say to make a support ticket. I made one previously and they just ask you to do the same stuff that every one is mentioning in these threads. I am slowly losing hope in Oculus as time goes on with this. There's no progress on this issue and it seems as though oculus support has no need to even actually talk with any of us about it.


Level 15
The same has happened to me, Cyril. I get the occasional black screen during times where I have been Rifting for hours throughout the day. Usually after removing the headset and letting my Machine go to sleep mode. Reboot solves issue every time.

Level 4
Go back to the 388 drivers.  It's a very well known issue and has been discussed on here for weeks.  It is even in NVIDIA release notes for their driver

Issues and Updates:
Updated 2/12/2018
-On some systems running multiple monitors, PC may TDR on cold boot. No problem with warm boot. 
-After PC is left on for extended period of time, HDCP may be lost cause HTC Vive/Oculus Rift to launch to a black screen. Rebooting PC resolves issue. 
-NieR:Automata randomly freezes with white screen 
-Content type from NVIDIA Control Panel reset on reboot - Fixed in next driver
-Gears of War 4 may randomly crash
-Doom (OpenGL) may crash on launch if HDR is enabled in Windows 
-Rise of the Tomb Raider displays partial flickering in DX12 mode
-NvfbcPluginWindow preventing Windows from shutting down if PC is left on for extended period of time
-Alt Tabbing in some windowed games w/ G-sync enabled may cause the FPS to change when you alt-tab back into the game
-Call of Duty WWII flickers after driver update
-Random TDR while using Firefox on Pascal GPUs
-Low FPS on GeForce 965M using R390 drivers

Level 15
I have this issue ( using 390.77 drivers).
I can tell when I close Oculus Home and I don't see a flicker on my monitor when Home closes. Also the white light stays on in the Rift headset.
I was re-booting the pc when this occurred, but found I could stop the Oculus Service for a moment or so( using OTT), then it would release the headset, got the flicker on monitor  ( light would turn back to amber in headset), then I would start the service again and all is well. Quicker than a PC reboot anyway.

Hopefully this issue gets resolved soon.
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Level 2
I recieved my oculus maybe a week ago tops. A few days ago I unboxed it and set it up and was able to play Robo Recall. When I was done I boxed it back up where it sat for 2 days. Yesterday I unbox it and go to set it up and my pc wouldnt recognize the oculus was plugged in. Just had an orange led and black screen on my headset. I have AMD Rx580 so it cant be the Nvidia problem. I checked hdmi plugs, usb ports, unplugged headset and pluged it back in, pc reboot, drivers, driver updates, windows update, reinstalled Oculus software. Nothing is fixing the issue. I have seen at least 5 people on my facebook Oculus group with these same problems in the last 24 hours. Im strongly thinking about just returning my Oculus Rift and saving up for the HTC Vive at this point. What a shame cause I really wanted Oculus to get my support. 

Level 11
My guess is that of all the 100% of people coming here saying that they have this issue, less than 5% keep posting about still having it. Now I might be bullied, but it seems that since so few come back to complain is because the fixed the problem.
 Offcourse there is also a small group of these people that probably gives up. Unfortunately, rift is a "new technology".
 As with all new installments for PC´s there will be millions of different configurations and owning a PC one must have some knowledge on how to trim down issues, hardware as well as software.
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