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Is the support team still alive?

Level 2

Hi guys,


I got an Oculus Quest 2 DOA. Raised a support ticket 1 month ago, sent it in. They have received it, and now support wont reply to any messages. It is like the whole support team just hide under a rock or something.


How can we contact them as the chat is broken, they don't reply to support tickets?




Level 3

I've had precisely the same issue - pristine support (even responding on Sundays) up until they launched their investigation, and from then on every one of my emails has been ignored. Even telling me the status of the ticket would have sufficed!


My forum post has only just been responded to, but a little while before that i got answers very rapidly by pressing the 'Chat with Us' button here:


I mean they only told me that the investigation was on going so it ain't satisfactory but at least you can talk to a human. Maybe ask them to elevate the ticket?