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Isn’t it high time for a CV2?

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Untill recently I have been developing apps on the now redundant DK2, (since Oculus updated their SDK and leaving old fashioned DK2 users stranded). So I am now thinking of upgrading, getting a brand new iMac, top specced while holding on to my PC as well, And looking out for the next gen in VR.. With the Vive Pro and the Pimax 8k in production I wondered where does it leave Oculus, which has now been around for two years with no major announcement of a CV2 as far as I know. I can afford to wait six months or so and to jump from a DK2 to any next generation. When I contacted Pimax, they kindly wrote back informing me that their Pimax 8K, once released, will be fully compatible with Mac OS High Sierra, no Bootcamp needed. This company obviously looks ahead and my heart jumped at the prospect. So now I decided to wait, if necessary to the autumn and judging by the Pimax’s presentations it iseems worth waiting as it will delivers a massive field of view and real high definition. How come, I wonder, is Oculus not throwing down the gauntlet and is simply content on focusing on a low grade, mediocre “Oculus Go” which is not exactly a quantum leap in terms of VR experience.

Technology is moving fast, how come Oculus is being left behind? Fantasy becomes Reality
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So there's a VR app to teach you to burp the baby now, awesome!

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Atmos73 said:

You know you want one lol

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