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Jigsaw 360 Giveaway - a family game for the holidays

Level 7
I'd like to give away 5 free Oculus Home keys for Jigsaw 360 on the Oculus Rift. I'll come back in about 10 hours and select 5 winners at random. To enter, please post a comment and let me know if you would like a key.

About the game
Everyone knows what they are expected to do with a jigsaw, even with the VR twist of making them inside-out spherical puzzles. You will stand inside the jigsaw scene as you build it in front of you. With a choice of between 8 and 128 pieces and spherical or flat jigsaws it's a game that your kids or parents will be able to enjoy.  It has variable snapping settings too so it makes a good introduction to precise yet easy interactions with the Touch controllers. Relaxing music and sound effects make it a very chilled out experience.
Developer of Dimensional, The Relentless, Breath Tech, Jigsaw 360 View my dev blog at