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John Carmack warns about fanbois like Zenbane (did Zuckerberg overpay for carmack and crew?)

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    I think carmack knows his downfall is coming, that he is soon to be kicked to the curb.  In an effort to prepare all his fanbois heads from exploding when this sacred cow is slaughtered, he is preparing them to accept he is not a GOD or KING as zenbane claims, just a fallible man who gets fired or goes to jail like any normal human when he gets caught breaking the law, stealing, and lying, endangering young kids at schools he is trying to break into with thermite, etc etc Ripping off VR tools and stealing files like nate Mitchell when and just too dumb not to get caught.
    Putting someone on a pedestal is a disservice to yourself and to the person you're idolizing.  You will never match or exceed them, because you always hold them above you.  Likewise they will most likely disappoint you because they have to compete with an image you have composed of them in your own head.  In the end, this only suffices to further a divide which becomes more difficult to cross.  Intimidation will mount and bitterness will grow.  (Zenbane, I think this was directed at you, you must let this king worship of Carmack go, it is causing problems inside you to see reality and his ultimate downfall will bring you so much pain and dissapointment)
  1. Replying to @_Humus_ @ID_AA_Carmack
  2. I don't know if you recall John, but that time in 2006(?) when I visited Id and got to sit down with you and present the upcoming DX10 API, 
  1. it was huge revelation to me, as it become apparent that I actually knew more than you about some stuff, which was really empowering.
Mark Zuckerberg might have wished to talk to Emil Persson before paying 2 billion dollars over a weekend in all the hype to buy oculus, how carmack was no god, even this guy as far back as 2006 said carmack was waning, and being surpassed, no god or king like zenbane still wishes to believe.  This might have helped Zuckerberg with later lawsuits where that 2 billion is now the basis for all kinds of legal claims.  I still stand by my belief, the sooner carmack, iribe, and nate Mitchell are GONE, the better for the rest of us and facebook. ; Meanwhile the former GOD palmer has been reduced to arguing with Violet Blue about edits on an article calling him a white racist scumbag.  This paragon of VIRTUE telling us all about ETHICS on his twitter - LOL!  Him just burned in court for all those lies, stealing, breaking contracts, etc - wow at the hypocrisy of my Padawan!
At least zenbane has let that sacred cow go.  I don't recall him being mad at palmer for all the Pepperidge farm stuff, ballparks and such, or fake accounts like nimblerichman (and who knows how many others) until long after he was fired by Mark.  Poor Zen, 🙂

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A PC with lots of gadgets inside and a thing to see in 3D that you put on your head.

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Wow, you're really stretching to twist people's words to support your smear campaign.

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You REALLY should seek professional help lol

And as I've already mentioned, Facebook paid almost $3bn for Oculus, not $2bn. There was almost another $1bn on top to keep key members of staff and for incentives. Zuckerberg said it was $1bn during the court case but it all added up to just under $1bn if I'm remembering correctly.
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I can't believe I'm saying this but you could teach Zenbane how to troll. Seriously, how are you not banned yet and why do threads like this continue.

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Talking about crazy stuff...
Excuse my bad english. I speak to you through the google translator. 😛

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I can't believe I'm saying this but you could teach Zenbane how to troll. Seriously, how are you not banned yet and why do threads like this continue.

He was banned for a month then unbanned coz we missed this shit 😉
A PC with lots of gadgets inside and a thing to see in 3D that you put on your head.

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Is AtariVR like an old BF of Carmack or something? It didn't go well I take it?

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AtariVR said:

fanbois like Zenbane

ooohh, a Callout Thread? Well if the Mod's are feeling generous and would like to give a couple of consenting adults permission, then:

The OP was banned while I was typing this. Can't have a one-sided callout battle.

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What did I just read? :open_mouth:

Some peoples way of thinking just baffles me.