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Just came to ask.

Level 2

Why has no one started a class action against Facebook for systematic and aggressive distribution practices designed solely to render older products obsolete.

No one expects facebook to support older devices, but when they refuse to provide offline installers for older runtimes. (1.3 and above)
And even render other offline installers redundant by forcing the installer to update before even trying to install cached files.
one can only see this as deliberate forced obsolescence.

Undoubtedly facebook are relying on the fact that early adopters will move to better things as soon as possible. and those that do not Are few in number, and do not have the means to do anything about it.

really not sure how nothing has happened over this blatant abuse, But given im expecting rabid fanboys to reply with insightful comments such as.
"buy a new head set"
I think i may have a small inkling as to why nothing has happened.