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Leaning on buy Quest 2 but questions games and 64 or 256 gb HEALTH

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Hello all

I am leaning on buying Quest 2 but have questions games and 64 or 256 gb versions and health.


1-does the quest play ALL Oculus games on their website


2-does it matter for 64 or 256 versions or is it JUST the memory. As in we can buy the cheaper and erase games we do not like and put on new games and keep them rotating.


3-HL Alyx can be played on both (wireless I read) right. Any difference for 64 or 256 gb for this function.

We do have a game computer for this purpose but if we can go wireless instead of wired that would be great.


4 - HEALTH question (I have a cheap 20 dollar and Samsung S8 setup) and I noticed for me my eyes hurt really badly playing simple games. My eyes actually felt like they were being pulled apart! LOL.

DOES the Oculus quest 2 have the same issue for the eyes does anyone know because one of my sons when he visits wants to try it at 9 years old. AT the Microsoft Store they would NOT let the 9 or my 14 year old on due to age and health concerns and they needed to be 28 years old. And yes I had to fill out a form for this for myself.


Sorry for so many questions. I am close to buying 2 of these. 


thanks danny


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The Quest will play all of the games on the Quest store.

There's also the Rift and Go stores, the games on those won't play on the Quest natively.

It's possible to get the Quest 2 to play Rift games, but you need a good gaming PC and then buy either a Link cable (or similar USB cable) or Virtual Desktop (if you have a fast wifi router).


64GB and 256GB models are just the storage space, no other difference. As you suggest, you can just uninstall some games and install others when needed.


HL Alyx won't work on the Quest 2 natively. But as above it should work if you use a Link cable or Virtual Desktop (for wireless).

(Virtual Desktop is a third party app that does wireless streaming of PC VR games to the Quest)


Headsets like the Quest have much higher quality lenses and ergonomics than the cheap VR headsets for phones. So it should be better. But then again, it might be a different issue.

Oculus has a restriction of 13+ for VR. I've had my 3 year old niece try it though, she loved it. The headset really isn't made for child sized heads though, it won't fit well and the lenses may not line up with their eyes. Only short uses would be recommended. Some sources claim children under 13 are in danger of having their eyesight damaged because their eyes are still adjusting, VR requires you to overcome some natural reflexes of human vision.

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There are two main types of VR.  Mobile and PCVR.  Quest and quest 2 are hybrid headsets.  They are standalone units that can be connected to a computer to access PCVR.  The 64gb/256gb versions refer to nothing more than available internal storage space for apps.  HL Alyx is a pcvr game, your PC has to be decent to play it, most people that actually own a computer these days usually have decent ones because the pleebs are content with a cell phone baby toy as their computing device, and those that buy computers today are more enthusiast types.  If you're not, then chances are the GPU in the PC sucks and won't work well for PCVR.  You can install and uninstall games as often as you like, the purchase history is kept on the store and you can re-download your purchased games if need be.


I haven't been on the Oculus store in a while since I bought an HP Reverb G2.  I don't have any idea how they separate PCVR and Quest, they probably have different stores.  The headset will play any of them, your PC has to be good enough for it to play games designed for PCVR.  I'm not positive on this, but I think Quest 2 needs a good GPU on the PC.  I.E.  It might need more GPU power than a regular PCVR unit when connected to a pc.  I don't know how valid that is, I've only tried my friend Quest 2 as the stand alone unit, and it was not bad at all on a comparative level to PCVR, I just like the content of the PCVR games more.