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Left Touch controller died? Maybe?

Level 2
So i have an cv1.
Yesterday I played some Beat Saber nothing happened I didn't drop it or anything like this, but today it's just doesn't want to do anything
I can't pair it (The led isn't doing anything too), The Oculus app says it's off
I already tried restarting EVERYTHING changing batteries but nothing helps.
What should I do?

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hello @Csokiskenyer can you try un-pairing and see if you can re-pair the controller. Also remove the batteries for one full minute before re-inserting a new or known good one. If the issue persists, create a ticket so we can look to assist. - Principe

Level 2
I tried these but sadly didn't help... I can't get it in pair mode too it's just like doesn't turn on
And I created a ticket already