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Lens Flex

Level 11
Hi - anyone know why some VR prescription lenses are convex and some concave? I just realised that I have different ones.

My original VR Lens Labs lenses for Rift CV1 were convex - they curved outwards, away from the headset lens. I understand why they need to be curved, but the reason they were convex and not concave was given by someone here - probably a guess - as so that they wouldn't scratch or otherwise interfere with the Rift OLED lenses. My CV1 lenses were excellent - I ordered a second set on a headband to use initially with Quest. I think these lenses are even better than my regular prescription glasses!

I then ordered some for my Index, initially by Widmo, and they are concave. I don't know if Widmo have any optician specialists - they did the cover thing first, maybe they contract out the lenses - I don't know. What I do know is that I wasn't at all impressed with them. They did the basic job, but the higher I looked up through the lens, the worse the image became - getting very blurry. I took them to my local optician tech and she told me they had been set at the wrong rotational point (but I think she was guessing, maybe).

So I ordered some more from VR Lens Labs and guess what? Yup - they were convex again, and they are better than the Widmo ones, but the right one is just slightly out of focus, which I think is a mistake by my optician (long story not really relevant here, but I think they made an error on my last eye test). As a result, I am using one from Widmo and one from VR Lens Labs and now everything seems pretty much fine (as long as I don't look too far up through the Widmo lens!).

I also got some from VR Lens Labs for my Quest - they are also convex and are perfect. I used the old prescription for these, so the mistake from my eye test was nullified.

Why are the lenses different - i.e. convex or concave? And does my experience show that VR Lens Labs got it right using convex and Widmo got it wrong using concave lenses?

i5 9600k @4.5GHz; 16GB DDR4 3200; 6xSSD; RTX2080ti; Gigabyte Z390D Mobo
Rift CV1; Index; Quest; Quest 2